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CIT Award Winners 2006

The CIT awards honor faculty or staff who have demonstrated excellent use of technology in education. Recipients have supported the development of teaching and learning, contributing to the overall quality of the USF learning environment.

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Innovation Award - Steve Morris, School of BusinessSteve Morris(1)

The Innovation Award recognizes overall excellence and innovative use of technology in teaching and learning. This year's recipient, from the School of Business & Management, has been with USF since 1993. This candidate has worked tirelessly at exploring the potential to improve student learning outcomes through the use of technology. Last year he was one of six faculty selected to participate in the CIT's hybrid course redesign project. This semester he video taped his lectures and is making them available from a streaming server. In another course he is podcasting recorded lectures for his students to listen to from mobile devices or a desktop computer. This instructor has also incorporated Blackboard and Clickers to keep his students engaged and connected to classroom lectures and assignments. As one student commented: Professor Morris' hard work and dedication pays off because students have the resources that they need, through the means of technology, to excel in his class.

Faculty Award - Susan Prion, School of Nursing

Susan Prion

The Faculty Award recognizes overall outstanding use of technology in the classroom or online. This year's recipient, from the School of Nursing, joined USF in 1992. A Blackboard user since 2001, she has developed several hybrid courses and a significant number of online modules. She successfully integrates audio and visual multimedia activities into learning modules and is currently exploring ways to increase interactivity to enhance student interest, motivation, and overall content learning. As her students affirm, her use of online modules, power point, and classroom technology provide students with the tools they need to succeed.

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