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CIT Award Winners 2004

The CIT Awards honor faculty or staff who have demonstrated excellent use of technology in education. Recipients have supported the development of teaching and learning, contributing to the overall quality of the USF learning environment.

Faculty Award - Dr. Margaret Maag, School of Nursing

Our recipient of the Teaching with Technology Faculty award uses the online medium to provide students with greater access to learning though web-based tutorials and quizzes, instructional videos and simulations, and online forums to support students' knowledge of Pathophysiology. She developed her own tutorials for learning concepts such as Arterial Blood Gases and for performing medication calculations. Students in her course have responded positively to her use of online materials, her availability both in-class and online, as well as her sophisticated use of PowerPoint. She also utilizes the Blackboard online learning system to provide students with frequent tips, resources and announcements. She has been called an excellent educator, who despite large class sizes, takes multiple learning styles into account in order to engage students and increase participation. She is passionate about increasing nursing students' competence and continues to research the effectiveness of interactive multimedia-learning tools on nursing students' learning outcomes and self-efficacy.

Innovation Award - Dr. Daniel A. Rascher, Sport Management Program

Our recipient of the Innovation Award co-created an Oakland A's baseball simulator for his Sports Economics & Finance class. The online interactive simulator allows students to advise fictitious new owners of the A's baseball team on how to run their company in all aspects of management. Each student makes decisions on ticket prices, payroll, and stadium financing, then submits them using the simulator to exercise the effects of different management strategies and tactics. The simulator provides students with the practical and applied learning experiences of managing nearly all of the major decisions in a sports organization. This instructor also innovatively uses the Blackboard discussion board to support a virtual guest lecturer who an expert in the field. The guest lecturer logs in and responds to student questions creating a dynamic dialog.

Honorable Mention Award - Dr. Patricia Busk, School of Education

Dr. Busk innovatively uses technology to support teaching and learning. Dr. Busk uses Blackboard to provide quizzes, discussion forums, online links to websites and reading materials, and online PowerPoint presentations with video-taped narration. CDRoms are provided to students with electronic articles and supplemental reading materials. Dr. Busk also videotapes her lectures for students to view outside of class.

Honorable Mention Award - Dr. Nina Bakisian, History Department of the College of Arts and Science

Dr. Bakisian creatively uses video technologies and digital photography in her European Civilization course. Dr. Bakisian develops digital video simulations of historical figures by actively involving students in the process of reliving history through role-playing and critical thinking.

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