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Canvas Tips - March 2014

 Tip of the Month: Inbox (Try New Conversations)

Inbox also known as Conversations is the messaging system in Canvas. You can communicate with your class as a whole including other instructors or TA’s, or with an individual student. When you write a message the recipient will receive a notification from USF Canvas with the message. Canvas added a new version of Inbox. Try New Conversations by clicking on the questions mark (?) in the far right of the Inbox. This is still a beta version but it has options not available in the old conversations.
Spring Clean your files
 Advantages of New Conversations:
  • Communicate to your whole class without knowing each student’s email address;
  • You can attach a file to messages;
  • Centralizes all messages of students without cluttering your email;
  • Archive messages for future reference.
 Tips for Inbox:
  • Archive or delete messages that have been resolved;
  • Messages do not get deleted each semester, you must do that before the next semester starts;
  • To find a student faster, type in their name in the search box;
  • If you don’t receive an email notification of new emails from your students, be sure to adjust your notification settings;
  • Please note that when instructors send emails via Canvas, instructors will not be copied on the message through their USF inbox; the message will however be listed in the Sent message area of the Canvas inbox.


Migration Tips: Spring Clean your Files

The USF Resources tab is located in the global navigation next to Calendar. Here you will find links to the USF Library and Help with CanvasMigrating to Canvas is a clean slate. If you used Blackboard for a long time, you may have files that are sitting in Blackboard that are outdated or not used at all in your course. We suggest to download your files from Blackboard and then clean up and organize your files in folders on your desktop before uploading them to Canvas. It’ll be easier for you to find your files in Canvas and it will alleviate the task of deleting each file one at a time in Canvas. 

Follow Part 1 of this instructional guide to assist you: Canvas Migration Tips