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Canvas Tips - April 2014

Tip of the Month: Turnitin in Canvas

Turnitin is a tool used to monitor student papers for plagiarism and also a teaching tool to teach students how to quote references and write bibliographies correctly. In Canvas, instructors can turn on Turnitin and student submissions will be automatically checked via Turnitin within Canvas.

 Advantages of using Turnitin:turnitin_150
  • Monitor student papers for plagiarism
  • Teach students how to correctly quote references and write bibliographies
  • Students submit their assignment via Canvas instead through the Turnitin website
  • You can view student submissions and reports through Speedgrader in Canvas
Tips for creating an assignment:
  • Change the Submission Type to Online because by default it is No submission
  • Mark the checkbox next to Enable Turnitin Submissions
  • Select the many options for Turnitin by clicking the Advanced Settings link
  • Be sure to restrict online submissions to file types accepted by Turnitin

Migration Tips: Modules

Unlike Blackboard’s folder system, Canvas uses Modules. Modules allow you to organize your content to help control the flow of your course.

You can use Modules to:
  • Create prerequisite activities that students must complete before moving on in the course
  • Track student progress through a sequence of learning activities
  • Organize course content by unit, day, week, topic or Outcome
For more information about Modules: What are Modules?