The University of San Francisco: Information Technology Services
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Assessment Systems

To achieve successful student performance, learning technology calls for good assessment tools.

Plagiarism Prevention System

USF uses a plagiarism prevention system called The system compares submitted papers with a database of published works to identify sources that may require attribution. It is a resource that USF has licensed that is designed to help students avoid plagiarism and improper citation. The software encourages original writing and proper citation practices.


Turnitin is integrated with Canvas. During the creation of an assignment, instructors specify an attribute of Turnitin. Once the assignment is made available, students simply upload their paper to the assignment in Canvas and an Originality Report is automatically generated.This report is viewable directly in Canvas by both the instructor and student. For details on how to create a Turnitin assignment and view Turnitin originality results, please see the USF Canvas Turnitin page


Clickers are interactive handheld devices that, when used in the classroom, can provide real-time, formative assessment.  Clickers also increase student engagement, can be used to take classroom attendance, conduct quizzes, and maintain a gradebook.  i>Clicker is the brand that USF has standardized on.


Qualtrics allows for the development of robust and powerful surveys for both research and assessment. Select from over a dozen question-types and a variety of survey distribution options to maximize your response rate. View your results as they are collected in real-time using the highly effective reporting tools. Securely share your survey results with others. Filtering allows you to display only the responses you're interested in. Data can also be downloaded and easily imported into Excel or SPSS. Click here to view FAQs.


E-portfolios allow students to collect and store work and reflections on learning in projects, courses or entire programs online. These portfolios may be used in assessment of student learning outcomes, to provide documentation to regulating bodies, to show student work to prospective employers, and more.

USF uses a subscription-based e-portfolio service called Digication. For more information, please contact the Center for Instruction and Technology.