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Common Questions

Support from ITS

Personal computers


  • I can't log into USF Wireless
    • If you are unable to log into USF Wireless or USF Visitors, your USF and LAN passwords might not synchronized. Please go to and select the option to change your password. This will resynchronize the passwords.
    • If you have questions about connecting to USF Wireless, please follow our knowledge base article Instructions for connecting to USF Wireless.
  • I can't log into myUSF
  • I can't log into a computer on-campus
  • How do I change my password if I am unable to use wireless or log into a USF computer?
    • If you are not able to get onto the internet to reset your password, you can call or visit the ITS Help Desk and we can assist you: 415-422-6668
    • Hours and Locations
  • Keeping your myUSF password secure

Internet/Network Access

  • Where can I get an Ethernet Cord?
    • ITS does not provide Ethernet cords. However, Student Housing and Residential Education provides them on a first-come, first-served basis. Please contact SHaRE or your Residence Hall front desk for more information.
      SHaRE Website:
  • Which Ethernet port should I use in my ResHall room?
  • I am in a room with only one Ethernet port, how can my roommate and I both connect at the same time?
  • Is USF Wireless supported within the Res Halls and on other areas of campus?
  • Can I bring my own router to use in my USF ResHall room?
    • No, personal routers are not permitted. Each individual student is provided one Internet (Ethernet) access point to plug into. Wireless routers are not permitted on-campus because they disrupt the internal USF network unless they have been approved and installed by USF ITS. Please respect the policy and maintain your Internet access privilege.
  • What do I need to know in order to successfully use the Internet when on campus?
    • Please see our USF Wireless FAQs to insure your device meets the requirements for USF Wireless and USF Visitors. 
  • What is USFmobile?
  • Why is the internet restricted?
    • The USF network is restricted in order to maintain network security, abide by Government and State legislation and policy, and maintain an academic and educational internet experience aligned with USF's Mission and Values.
  • How can my relative, friend, or guest, access the internet through their computer when visiting me?
  • What should I do when I can't access the Internet?
    • When you are unable to connect to wireless, here are the steps to follow:
    • Change/reset your password
    • Depending on your device type, please be sure that your device is connected to the correct network
    • Bring your computer to the ITS Help Desk
    • Please note: The Help  Desk will provide a free comprehensive consultation and virus clean-up of your computer. However, during peak periods, such as the start of school and during finals, the Help Desk has a five-business-day check-in policy. While we can provide a five-minute initial consultation when you bring your laptop to the Help Desk, to maintain our expert free services, computers will need to be checked in and can take up to five business days to complete service during peak periods. Depending on the severity of the situation, we may also refer you to an outside source to assist in the re-installation of your operating system when it falls outside our Service Level Agreement.

Computer Labs/Printing

  • Can I access network printers?
    • If you would like to print, you can visit one of the computer labs. Log in using myUSF authentication information and then print to one of the University printers. You pay using your USF One Card.
    • Ricoh multi-function printers are accessible in public areas on campus as well as in labs, making it easier than ever to print from your computer. Please browse to the Pharos web page for information and software to install on your computer.
  • Where are the computer labs located on campus?
  • How do I add money to my One Card?

File Sharing