The University of San Francisco: Information Technology Services
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Network Guest Access

If you are a guest to the University of San Francisco campus and require access to the Internet during your visit, you must obtain a Netguest account.

Accounts are provided online through a USF Netguest Sponsor, or may be obtained by visiting the ITS Help Desk in person. A photo ID must be presented when requesting a guest account. Netguest accounts are temporary and can only be used by University visitors. Netguest accounts provide access to the Internet only. Current students, faculty, and staff members cannot use Netguest accounts.

USF staff and faculty may create a Netguest wireless network account for any individuals visiting the University. The instructions for creating a Netguest account may be found in the ITS procedure document Sponsor Network Guest Access Registration, which is a downloadable PDF (log in with your USFconnect username and password to access the file). Training is also available through CIT.

If you have been provided a Netguest account and you’d like to view the Netguest user instructions for getting online, click here.

For more information, please see our Network Guest Access Policy.