The University of San Francisco: Information Technology Services
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Accounts & Access

USF community members have various accounts to access USF resources. ITS works to manage these accounts accounts so that many of them are tied to the USF Connect account and are available through a single username and password.

Online USF ID lookup and password reset tools are available from the USF Connect login page and the Help Desk provides assistance with account troubleshooting and password issues.

If you are unable to log in to one or more of your accounts or USF Connect it may due to a browser issue, or there could be a problem with your password or account(s). Please contact the Help Desk for assistance.

If you do not know your password, and you are a student, you may reset it with the online password reset tool. Faculty and staff need to contact the Help Desk in person or by phone. For security reasons we are not able to provide passwords via email.

You may change your password from within USF Connect by clicking on the 'My Account' link.

Faculty & Staff

New Employee Set-up: Passwords for USF Connect, which also provide access to email and the USF network, are generated when a faculty or staff member is entered into the administrative system. To obtain your password, please stop by the Help Desk at Lone Mountain North during business hours with a photo ID, or call 415-422-6668 and verify your identify to receive it over the phone.

Employee Status Change: To remove access that is no longer needed or add new access, contact the ITS Help Desk at 415-422-6668.

Employee Separation: ITS is normally notified of employee separations when the appropriate codes are entered in the Human Resources administrative system. If the need for account termination is particularly urgent, please contact the Help Desk at 415-422-6668.


Student USFconnect accounts, including access to email, are created automatically at the time of admission and are sent via USPS and personal e-mail. Access to auxiliary services, including Blackboard, and the USF network, is added upon receipt of an admission deposit or space reservation form. Student accounts are preserved to become alumni accounts upon graduation. Students who do not graduate but who complete at least 15 units may request alumni accounts.


Students who graduated after Fall 2002 have USF Connect accounts automatically. Alumni who graduated prior to Fall 2002 may request an account online.


Guests to USF who require Internet access while on campus may obtain a Network Guest Account. Please visit the Network Guest Access page for information on account creation and instructions for getting online once you have your account.

Technical Information

ITS uses a Light Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) server infrastructure and Microsoft Active Directory to manage access to the USF network and enterprise systems such as USF Connect, email, Blackboard, Banner, and more. In many cases, this access is provided through a Single Sign-On (SSO) integration. To minimize the number of accounts we all have to manage, new systems for more than a few clients should be deployed using ITS Accounts/Access Management services. To explore how ITS may manage access to your system, contact the ITS Project Management Office.