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Desktop Computing


Standard Software

ITS purchases and provides complete support for a standard suite of software that meets the needs of most community members. The suite is divided into applications that are automatically installed on all USF-owned computers and are charged to the central USF software account. Other applications are supported by ITS and installation CDs are maintained, but licenses and upgrades must be paid for by the department, school or college. 

  • SPSS is licensed for all university-owned computers as of January 2012. The program is also available for personal computers at a substantial discount from the USF eStore. For information on the deployment and answers to questions about the new licensing, please visit our Campus-Wide SPSS page.
  • nVivo is a qualitative data analysis application available for all USF-owned computers as of January 2013. For more information, please visit our nVivo page.
  • To upgrade standard software or the Mac OS, please contact the Help Desk.

What changes can I expect on new Replacement Computers?

New replacement computers come with updated standard software. Check out our Changes page to see what you can expect when you upgrade to a new USF computer.

Purchasing Software

Non-standard software and applications not supplied or upgraded by ITS must be purchased by your division/school/college unless the purchase is required by ITS without sufficient notice for the expense to be budgeted. Purchases required due to operating system upgrades (whether through the Replacement Program or on request) must be planned for and funded by your division/school/college.

ITS support for non-standard software is limited to basic installation and compatibility issues.

Softmart is our vendor of choice for most applications. Please see the USF Softmart website and click on the links for prices of Adobe, FileMaker or Microsoft software. For prices of other software, please contact Eric Hadler, our Softmart sales rep, at 888-763-8627 x4162 or

If you find a vendor with a lower price, you may use that vendor.

To make a purchase, submit a standard USF purchase requisition form to Purchasing, Hayes Healy Lower Level. For Softmart purchases, please use the following vendor information:

450 Acorn Lane
Dowington, PA 19335
Attention: Eric Hadler

Include the email address of the person receiving the software and his/her contact information in the "Special Instructions from Department" section. Purchasing will contact other vendors to ensure the best price. If you have questions about this process, please email

Besides purchasing a license, you may wish to purchase CD media, documentation or a maintenance agreement (for upgrades during the period selected). Many applications are downloadable at the time of purchase, but you can usually purchase an extended download option. Some applications, such as Adobe Creative Suite, are available on a web-based subscription basis.

Please contact the Help Desk if you would like ITS to install the software for you. You will need to have your license available when the technician arrives. If you purchase CD media and install software yourself, you must be able to prove that your department owns as many copies as it has installed.

If you would like a technical recommendation, please feel free to contact the Help Desk.

Personal Software Purchases

ITS negotiated substantial discounts on software for USF faculty, students, and staff. Click here for login instructions. If you're interested in savings on computers, personal electronics, services and more, check out the full eStore to see all of your opportunities for discounts.


The Center for Instruction and Technology (CIT) provides software training.