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Information Technology

ITS Staff

ITS Organization Chart

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Office of the Vice President

Vice President and CIO Opinder Bawa
contact: opinder.bawa
Assistant to the Vice President Ashley McDougald
contact: ashley.mcdougald

Learning Technologies & Center for Instruction and Technology (CIT)

Director John Bansavich
contact: john.bansavich
Web and Graphic Training Specialist Eileen Lai
contact: eileen.lai
Online Instructional Designer Greg Crum
contact: greg.crum
Graphic, Media and Training Specialist Ken Yoshioka
contact: kenneth.yoshioka
Associate Director of Learning Technologies Larry Montagna
contact: larry.montagna
Media Production Specialist, Office Assistant Vacant
Audio Visual Production Manager Patrick Steacy
contact: patrick.steacy
Student Supervisor Gerrick Ong
Classroom Technology Lead Support Technician Jeffrey Rotter
contact: jeffrey.rotter
Classroom Technology Support Technician Sabina Nieto
contact: sabina.nieto
Audio Visual Production Assistant Stephen Novotny     
contact: stephen.novotny

Client Support Services (CSS)

ITS Help Desk
(Client Support Services)
Nikki Williams
contact: nikki.williams
Senior Campus Support Liaison Gilbert Lee
contact: gilbert.lee
Client Support Manager Vinson Villarama
contact: vinson.villarama
Student Coordinator Carolina Martinez
contact: carolina.martinez
Client Support Specialist Cynthia Lim
contact: cynthia.lim
Client Support Specialist Sam Matsunaga 
contact: sam.matsunaga
Client Support Specialist Alan Ho
contact: alan.ho
Client Support Specialist Vacant
Associate Director Client Support Services Gustavo Cabezas III
contact: gustavo.cabezasiii
Deployment Specialist Martin Chou
contact: martin.chou
Asset Manager Tommy Liu
contact: tommy.liu
Deployment Specialist Jason Luong
contact: jason.luong
Deployment Technician Joseph Nguyen
contact: joseph.nguyen
Switch Technician Willie Borja
contact: willie.borja
Field Service Technician      Andrew Bolles
contact: andrew.bolles
Technology Resource Specialist Kenji Okamoto
contact: kenji.okamoto
Technology Resource Specialist Michael Meyer
contact: michael.meyer
Desktop Engineering Manager Edmond Kwok
contact: edmond.kwok
Desktop Systems Engineer Mike Wineke
contact: michael.wineke
Client Support Lab Specialist Eric Valenzuela
contact: eric.valenzuela

IT Infrastructure (INFRA)

Director, Infrastructure Jim Baker
contact: james.baker
System Admin and Hosting Manager VACANT
contact: VACANT
System Administrator      Jason Wu
contact: jason.wu
System Administrator Philip Chen
contact: xiaofeng.chen
Infrastructure Analyst Leo Pereira
contact: leo.pereira
Network Engineer David Westgate
contact: david.westgate
Network Engineer Dan Shapin
contact: daniel.shapin
Network Engineer Fergus Dagner
contact: fergus.dagner
Network and Voice Engineer David Luong
contact: david.luong

Application Services (APP)

Senior Director, Application Services Way Leon
contact: way.leon
Systems Manager Beth Forest
contact: beth.forest
Service Level Manager Jim Uomini
contact: james.uomini
Database Administrator

Steve Bair
contact: steven.bair

Business Intelligence Administrator Kim Pham
contact: kim.pham
System Analyst Kathleen Kuo
contact: lianghsuan.kuo
Systems Architect Michael Ong
Applications Programming Manager Michael Fraley
contact: michael.fraley
Senior Programmer/Analyst John Casten
contact: john.casten
Senior Programmer/Analyst Yong Zhou
contact: yong.zhou
Senior Programmer/Analyst Michelle Henderson
contact: michelle.henderson
Senior Programmer/DBA Bill Pisaruck
contact: william.pisaruck
Application Administrator Leah Brann
contact: leah.brann
Application Developer Michael Silvestri
contact: michael.silvestri
Portal Engineering Manager      Dora Lim
contact: dora.lim
Portal System Engineer      Huu Lam
contact: huu.lam
Portal Engineer Thai Nguyen
contact: thai.nguyen

Finance and Vendor Management (FVM)

Senior Director, Finance and Administration Carol Cook
contact: carolina.cook
Senior Business & System Analyst Nicki Le
contact: nicki.le

Online Learning Technologies (ONL)

Interim Director David Kirmse
contact: david.dkirmse
Senior Instructional Designer Xavier Gomez
contact: xavier.gomez
Instructional Designer Angie Portacio     
contact: angie.portacio
Multimedia Developer and Designer for Online Programs   Insun He
contact: insun.he
AV Multimedia Developer      Mishiara Baker
contact: mishiara.baker

Project Management (PMO)

Senior Director, PMO David Kirmse
contact: david.dkirmse
Senior Project Manager John Soulsby
contact: john.soulsby
Project Manager     Diana Fernandez
contact: diana.fernandez
Project Manager Nicholas Recchia
contact: nicholas.recchia
Project Manager      Teresa Young
contact: teresa.young

Security Services (SS)

Information Security Officer Walter Petruska
contact: walter.petruska