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Information Technology

Tablet Computer Policy

All USF purchases of tablet computers must be funded by local departments. Apple and Leonvo are University preferred vendors; therefore, Apple iPads and Lenovo tablets must be procured centrally through ITS to achieve discounts and ensure compliance with purchasing agreements.

Procurement of tablets must be handled by the standard hardware exception request process. The tablet exception process is streamlined and requires only local departmental budget approval. Please click here for more information on the hardware exception request process.

In 2012, cellular plans have been added as an option for tablets. All cellular plans must adhere to the University Electronic Communication Policy.

Tablets other than Apple and Lenovo may be purchased through P-card or other means upon hardware exception request approval by local department’s budget approver. Upon receipt of tablet, it is the responsibility of the employee to bring the device to the ITS Help Desk for wi-fi conditioning and University asset tagging.

All tablets procured with University and grants funds are the property of the University. It is the responsibility of the employee to notify ITS when tablet is re-assigned to another member of the University or when the tablet has failed or reached the end of its life cycle.

ITS accepts donations of retiring tablets for re-purposing within the University as well as failed tablets to be properly disposed and recycled.