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Cable Television Policy

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Effective Date: 12-9-2013

Last Updated: 12-9-2013

Responsible University Officer:
Vice President, Chief Information Officer

Policy Owner:
Leo Pereira, Network and Security Services

Policy Contact:
ITS Help Desk

    1. The Cable Television policy, within the Information Technology Services (ITS), provides connectivity and administration of the cable television services with various cable TV providers and the university. A Cable Television service connection for USF faculty or staff provides cable television service to a single address or building on the campus. Only ITS staff or their contractors can install the Service Connection.
    2. Within the building which constitutes the individual address, one or more television sets may be connected to the Service Connection by the customer in the same room, providing that the number of television sets connected to the Service Connection does not degrade the quality of the television service for other customers. In the event that the customer degrades the quality of the service connection for themselves or for adjacent customers, ITS will repair the problem on a time-and-materials basis.
    3. Contracted head-end equipment installed on university premise may only support a limited model of commercial television sets. If your personally-owned television does not work with the existing head-end equipment, you can purchase a cable box for interoperability.
    1. The purpose of this policy is to preserve quality of services while providing convenient entertainment to its faculty, staff and students. Unauthorized modifications to the cable television network may lead to a change in service, quality and availability for everyone.
  3. SCOPE
    1. The scope of this policy applies to all university cable services. There is no provision for personal cable television service since such activity would severely impact all customers.
    1. All parties are subject to the policy and standards set forth.
      1. All Employees, Faculty and Staff
      2. Residential students and guests living in university housing
      3. All contractors, vendors and any other 3rd parties entrusted with university job responsibilities
    1. Standards
      1. Those responsible for service, performance and modification to this policy must adhere to standards:
        1. Document existing and any modifications to the cable television network
        2. Resolve & mitigate auditable events
          1. High risk events in 5 days
          2. Medium risk events in 10 days
          3. Low risk events in 30 days
        3. Adhere to university cabling standards
    2. Auditable Events
      1. For audit staff, the events and documentation below are needed to inspect the cable television network.
        1. Identify all coax run between buildings
        2. Identify speed (type)
        3. Identify Cable labeling standards
        4. Determine team to troubleshoot and resolve Cable TV problems
    1. Below is a list of common set of procedures to increase the quality and services.
Problem Action
Transmission (snow) problems Contact ITS and create a trouble ticket for a technician to initiate resolving the problem
Add a new connection Contact ITS and create a trouble ticket for a technician to initiate adding a new drop
Sound does not come out of my television Check television set list that operates with head-end equipment
    1. (None)
    1. Cable Television Service
      1. Contracted service from a cable television provider to furnish quality entertainment, premium channels and news services.
    2. Cable Television Connection
      1. BNC connector located on televisions and those terminated at the wall.
    3. Cable Television Network
      1. A series of cables interconnected to service provider head-end equipment located on the university.
    1. (None)
    1. 12-9-2013 - First publication of policy
    1. Failure to follow this policy can result in disciplinary action in accordance with Human Resources Employment Handbook and Office of General Counsel employee and labor relations. Disciplinary action for not following this policy may include termination, as provided in the applicable handbook or employment guide.
    1. A proposed exception request to ITS Policy requires a formal email explanation related and in support of job function.
    2. A proposed exception request to ITS Policy, mentioned in 'XII.A', must be approved via email by respective department or division supervisor, Dean, or VP, before submitted to ITS for review.
    3. Forward approved email as stated in 'XII.B' to for processing.
    4. Evaluation of ITS Policy Exception will escalate internally, and as applicable may include further review by: UITC subcommittee(s), the Information Security Officer, and others as appropriate at the request of VP for IT.
    1. (None)