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Cable Lock Policy

This page describes the distribution of cable locks to the "asset responsibility owners" ("owners") of University-owned computers. Moreover, the information below provides the process by which an asset owner will contact ITS Help Desk to have a computer cable lock opened if the key is lost or other issues arise that prevent her/him from opening the lock to move the computer.

I. Existing Computer Owners

Each owner of a university-owned computer will be issued a cable locking device from ITS at no charge. To obtain a cable locking device for your laptop, drop by the ITS Help Desk in Lone Mountain North, 2nd Floor, and one will be provided to you following completion of the cable lock release form. It is the responsibility of each owner to secure his/her computer while on campus.

If computer owners need assistance unlocking their cable locks, they should contact ITS Help Desk at 415-422-6668.  Please note that such requests will be treated as lower priority than other campus service requests, and response times will vary.

II. New Computer Owners

Each new owner of a university-owned computer will be issued a cable lock with his/her new university computer. It is the responsibility of each owner to secure his/her computer while on campus.

Users who have been issued a cable lock previously will be allowed to reuse their existing cable lock unless new security requirements mandate a change.  ITS will inform you if such a change is required.

III. Regional Campuses and Other Locations

Computer owners at regional campuses should give one of their two cable lock keys to their regional campus director for safekeeping.

IV. Securing Your Computer with a Cable Lock

If you have no area around your desk that allows you to secure your computer with a cable lock, please contact Facilities Management at 415-422-6464 for assistance.

V. Procedure When Computer Cable Lock Key is Lost or Not Available

  1. Call ITS Help Desk at 415-422-6668 if you require the use of the master cable lock key.
  2. The Help Desk will create a USFsupport&answers ticket.  Help Desk will also note the requester’s (asset owner’s) name, username, computer’s USF Inventory Asset Tag number, and computer location.
  3. The attendant will pass the information to the appropriate ITS technician for field service.
  4. Before using the master key, the ITS technician will ask for and write down the date and time, in addition to requester’s: name, username, ID card number (verifying the picture on the card), building, room number, and USF Inventory Asset Tag of computer being unlocked..
  5. The ITS technician will then unlock the computer cable lock.  If you require a new computer cable lock and key, you may request this from ITS Help Desk at 415-422-6668.  
  6. The Help Desk will document all information (as listed above) and close the Service-Now ticket to conclude request.