The University of San Francisco: Information Technology Services
Information Technology

ITS Mission, Vision and Strategy

ITS Mission
The mission of the Information Technology Services division is to support and facilitate the use of technology in creating, communicating, and applying knowledge, fostering communication and collaboration, promoting efficiency and convenience in University services, and ensuring security and business continuity.

ITS Vision
Information Technology Services will be recognized within the University community as a competent, courteous, responsive and proactive division that effectively supports the University Mission, Vision, and Values through the implementation of best practices, innovative solutions, and quality support services.

ITS Strategy
USF’s information technology strategy is to adopt cost-effective systems and innovative solutions to meet mission-central University needs, reserving leading-edge technology investments for initiatives that will offer a clear strategic or operating advantage to the University.

Guiding principles:

In order to provide the best possible service to the USF community, ITS strives to:

  1. Adapt our services to the level and needs of each customer,
  2. Treat each request as an opportunity to encourage, empower, and educate our community,
  3. Treat our customers as partners in learning,
  4. Continue to learn and grow in our technical fields and as women and men for others,
  5. Remind ourselves that technology is not an end in itself but one of many means for the university to achieve its mission,
  6. Provide guidance and expert advice regarding best practices and appropriate use of current technology,
  7. Explore and communicate the potential of emerging technologies as they may be applied to our mission,
  8. Continually improve our services through communication and collaboration within ITS,
  9. Maintain a work environment that nurtures personal commitment and empowers individuals.