The University of San Francisco: International Student and Scholar Services

Vendor and Landlord Letter

Are you having trouble renting an apartment or opening a cell phone account because you don’t have a social security number? Due to regulations of the office of Social Security Administration, international students who do not work on-campus or do not have the authorization to work off-campus are not eligible for social security numbers. Both new and continuing students may run into this problem. Therefore, ISSS has moved the Vendor and Landlord Letter to an online format for easy access.

Download and print this letter from International Student and Scholar Services explaining to cell phone companies and landlords the inability for most international students to obtain social security numbers. Since these institutions request a social security number to determine your financial resource, our letter explains that the combined documentation of (1) this letter (2) a bank statement and (3) your USF acceptance letter demonstrates the funding you proved to the university and to the Department of Homeland Security.

ISSS contact information is included in the letter in the event that a prospective landlord or cell phone company representative has questions.

(Note: Credit card companies will not grant an account to someone without a social security number and make no exceptions. This letter is intended for cell phone companies and prospective landlords.)