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IEW Photo Contest Votes

The voting period is now closed. Winners will be announced on November 22nd at the International Cup championship game event and prizes will be given for the first, second and third place photos!

Larger versions of the photos can be viewed in our Flickr album.
Nicole Velora Jones
As we venture into the unknown, nothing but the fleeting grains of our past trail us." - Nicole Velora Jones
Nga Thi Thuy Nguyen
"This photo was taken during my summer 2013. Lao Chai is a small village in the North of Vietnam, whereby the ethnic minorities stay such Dao, Muong, etc. The beauty of nature represent the image of the Vietnam that I adore." - Nga Thi Thuy Nguyen
Sally Hirsch
"Rising above the winter fog on a Swiss mountain hike." - Sally Hirsch
Sangheon Shin
"Thor from UK." - Sangheon Shin
Mauricio Montalvo
"After a long hike, I stumbled upon this amazing view of Rio De Janeiro." - Mauricio Montalvo
Sean Patrick Flynn
"I got the chance to feed a kangaroo during my time in Australia last fall." - Sean Patrick Flynn
Taylor Reifurth
"Trekking through a desert in Africa to get to this beautiful oasis was certainly worth it." - Taylor Reifurth
Marilyn Majich
"After a mile bike ride, we stumbled onto a small clay beach where we covered ourselves in clay and sun bathed on a floating dock in the middle of the Ionian Sea." - Marilyn Majich
Emilio Durand
"A colorful city filled with hills, winding streets, trolleys, and home to a big red bridge — it's hard not to think of San Francisco when in Lisbon." - Emilio Durand
Lori Prinjian
"The Casa Rosada lit up at night." - Lori Prinjian
Charlie Kennedy
"The South African landscape is one of majestic natural beauty that this sunrise, to me, captures." - Charlie Kennedy
Bruce Chiu
"Captured on May 8, 2013 at the infamous Ha Long Bay, one of the world’s natural wonders." - Bruce Chiu
Yufei Wang
- Yufei Wang
Stephanie Pietryla
"Taking a day trip with friends to El Bosque de Oma (The Painted Forest) while studying abroad in Bilbao, Spain 2012-2013." - Stephanie Pietryla
Katie Padilla
"I took this photo at a camp that was located right across the street from the hotel I stayed in with other USF students during our legal externships in Bangalore. These kids were crawling over the stone wall that separated the tent camp." - Katie Padilla
Prakash Ankit
"Nature at its best." - Prakash Ankit
Ruoyang Wu
"Nepal is Paradise." - Ruoyang Wu
Adam Karageorge
"As we tried to make a "USF" happen....foiled by the desert." - Adam Karageorge