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GoUSF regularly sponsors employee challenges to encourage our faculty and staff to join together to improve our physical and emotional well-being. We design these challenges to be over a short period of time, to be fun, and to focus on a different facet of our health. We are currently sponsoring a challenge using an online platform called Hubbub Health and we encourage you to join in the fun.

hubbub Player FAQ

Below are answers to common questions about our challenge platform called “hubbub”. If these do not answer your question, email support at support@hubbubhealth.com Do you have feedback for hubbub? Select the Feedback tab on the right hand side when logged into the website.


1. How do I register?

Go to hubbubhealth.com
Register using our company code, letsgousf and your employee ID should be your CWID. Recommended: Complete your public profile with your picture and email preferences.

Note: If you do not remember your CWID#, you can go to the “forgot id” link in USFConnect and enter the user name and the password and their CWID would be retrieved or contact the ITS Help Desk and they can look it up for you.



2. How do I find USF challenges?

Click on the ‘Challenges’ tab, then sort by ‘Sponsored.’ Look for challenges with the GoUSF logo or USF tag word. Still can’t find it? Make friends with Suzy Kisylia (Username: skisylia) and see what challenges she’s participating in.

3. How many challenges can I join?

You can join as many challenges as you want. Join USF challenges, join other hubbub challenges of interest to you, and you can even create your own challenges too.

4. I joined a challenge, and I’d like to get reminders about this challenge.

You can change your notification settings from your profile page. Click on your name in the upper right-hand corner and click ‘Edit Profile.’ You can enable/disable email notifications such as challenge announcements, challenge results, challenge check-in inactivity and more.

5. How do I check-in to challenges?

When you log into hubbub, your landing page is your “Hub” page. Here you can see all the challenges you are participating in. When you’ve completed one of the activities in any challenge, go to that challenge and select “check-in.” This lets you track your progress and leave a comment if you choose. Also, check into challenges while on the go! Download the free hubbub iPhone or Android app.

6. If I made a mistake when checking into a challenge, how do I delete a check-in?

Click on the challenge. You will see the challenge leaderboard; click on your total number on the leaderboard. You will be brought to you ‘player progress’ page and can delete a mistake check- in from here.

7. Can I access hubbub from my smartphone?

Yes, stay connected while on the go! You can use hubbub from your computer, smartphone or tablet. Use our mobile web experience or download the free iPhone app or Android app. You may also snap a “Prove It” photo and share it with your check-in when using the iPhone or Android app.

Note: Did you know you can use wifi on the SF Campus? Register your device by going to nacfilter.usfca.edu.  There are instructions to follow on the form there.  

8. Does hubbub integrate with devices?

Yes, hubbub integrates with Withings and Fitbit devices. Click on your name in the upper right- hand corner, and select ‘Manage Devices’ to learn more.


9. How do I find the hubbub360?

Click on your name in the upper right-hand corner, click on the hubbub360.


10. I’d like to know what other people are doing. How do I friend others?

It’s time to make friends with your co-workers! hubbub is designed to be social.

To friend co-workers on hubbub: Click on the ‘Friends’ tab, click ‘See who’s here’ and select ‘Company.’ You can then browse for people in your company or use the ‘search’ field to search for your co-workers on hubbub and then friend them.

To invite co-workers, friends and family: Click on the ‘Friends’ tab, click ‘Tell your friends’ and send them an email. If you are inviting a coworker, tell them they can use the Company Code “letsgousf” to access additional features and USF only challenges.

If you see a friend doing something cool, give them a fist bump!

Badges and Leveling:

11. How do I earn badges on hubbub?

As you make progress and reach milestones, you earn badges on hubbub! Badges are rewarded for a variety of things – completing challenges, leveling up, taking the hubbub360, and so much more. You can display your badges of choice proudly on your hub page!

12. What are levels? And how do I level up on hubbub?

Your player card (on your Hub page) displays your current level on hubbub. As you engage on hubbub (do activities and participate in challenges, friend others, etc.), you gain levels. You will also earn badges for reaching key level milestones such as Level 10, Level 20, Level 30, and so on!