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HR Professional and Organization Development Resource Center

In-person Training Opportunities

These learning opportunities provide staff, faculty and student employees with helpful tools and training for job success. Please refer to the Professional Development Calendar for a list of workshops available now and registration instructions.

Online Training Opportunities


Skillsoft offers highly effective e-learning through innovative online courses that keep the learner engaged through interactivity, simulated dialog, case studies and animation. Faculty and staff have 24-7 access to 100 online Skillsoft courses that cover a variety of subject matters to supplement traditional training methods and develop or enhance skills. If you experience any technical issues with the online courses, please directly contact Skillsoft at (866) 754-5435 or via their website at http://livehelp.skillsoft.com.

View all 100 Skillsoft courses by category »

How to Access SkillSoft Courses

  1. Visit http://is002.skillport.com
  2. Enter your User Name (USF email address) and password (usf)
  3. Click the Catalog tab on the left to see the USF course folder
  4. Click the plus sign to see the courses
  5. Place your cursor on a course that interests you and click on “Show Details” to see a full course description
  6. Drag and drop the course into the “My Plan” box
  7. Place your cursor on the line and click on “Launch” to start the course
  8. Leave a course at any time and return via “Launch” and the spot you left off will be bookmarked for you (“Return to Bookmark”)
  9. In “My Plan” you can set timing goals and send yourself reminders; your progress will be recorded in the box called “My Progress”

Effective Manager Certification Program

New and aspiring managers have the opportunity to acquire and develop knowledge, skills and competencies essential to supervision and management through this online certificate program. Upon the successful completion of the 11 courses highlighted in yellow in this Skillsoft course list, the Effective Manager Certificate will be issued. To read the course descriptions and sign up for the courses, follow the "How to Access Skillsoft Courses" instructions as noted above. The average completion time to complete all courses is approximately 10.5 hours. For general questions on this program, please contact Michele Centrella at mcentrella@usfca.edu or by phone at x2833.


LawRoom is an online resource that provides USF's Preventing Sexual Harassment training that is required of all full-time staff and faculty every two years. Additional LawRoom courses listed below are also available to faculty and staff. To sign up, please email Michele Centrella and include the name of the course you wish to take.

Note: To appropriately access this interactive training, your computer must have at least Version 9 of Adobe Flash Player, a recent version of Adobe Reader and allow audio. If not, you may experience issues that prevent you from moving smoothly through this training program. If you do experience any issues, please contact the LawRoom member services technicians directly at (800) 652-9546.  

Supervisor/Manager Courses

  • Accommodating Workers with Disabilities
  • Anti-Harrassment, -Discrimination, & -Retaliation
  • Duty to Prevent Violence
  • Employment Law Bootcamp
  • Hiring I - Identifying Candidates
  • Hiring II - Interviewing & Selecting
  • Leaves and Absence Management
  • Wage and Hour Training
  • Workplace Investigations

General Courses

  • Bullying in the Workplace
  • Diversity: Skills for Collaboration
  • Ethics & Code of Conduct
  • Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act
  • HIPAA Basics
  • Illness & Injury Prevention Program
  • Prevent Workplace Violence
  • Red Flags: Identity Theft
  • Social Media & Your Job

Additional Resources

In our research, we sometimes come across useful tools for supervisors and managers. If there is a special topic about which you would like some information, please contact us so that we may assist you. We look forward to serving your needs.

PowerPoint Modules

Supervisors and managers may want to review these additional resources or use them to facilitate a workshop or discussion with staff members. Facilitator instructions to do a workshop are included on the PowerPoint “Notes” pages. Also, in document #3 shown below, you will find a variety of activities to help with building trust and high-performing teams. Should you have any questions, please contact Michele Centrella at mcentrella@usfca.edu or x2833.

HR Professional Development Recorded Workshops

View Video: Hitting a Retirement Fund Home Run with Joe Crowley

Hitting a Retirement Fund Home Run with Joe Crowley on August 2, 2012 (run time: 55:17): Here is a scenario that's only too familiar in recent years: your retirement plan's quarterly report arrives by e- or snail-mail. You note with concern that the performance of financial markets has driven down your account balance. Your reaction may be to: (a) ignore the bad news, do nothing and stay happy; (b) do nothing and mope; (c) give in to gloom and shift all invested positions to a money market fund, and then mope; or (d) resolve somehow to take advantage of the situation.

For you action-takers who picked (d), and for anyone else who wants to get more confident in this arena, this workshop will provide practical examples of a system to help your contributions become reliable generators of fund growth during your working years. Hear Joe Crowley explain the how and the why of a method he calls a: “10-minute tweak that puts your nest egg on a higher peak.”