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Library Assistant IV

1. Definitions

This is the fourth level in the series. Incumbents in both public and technical services perform the most challenging, exceptional, or complex assignments in one or more area(s) of the library. Some incumbents may work in the capacity of a special assistant to a librarian, performing work which does not require the level of education and training of a librarian, but does require an advanced level of competency. Work assignments require a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the library, its collection, classification scheme, catalog, and computer systems, as well as how the activities of each of the various units fit into the overall mission of the library. Incumbents act independently in their area of responsibility. They provide high level support and assistance to librarians or administrators in formulating, developing, and modifying library policies and procedures; participate in planning for accomplishment of future objectives; are involved in the implementation and improvement of library computer systems or other systems; and make recommendation to administration regarding the allocation of resources, space allocation, major budgetary expenditures, etc. Superior organizational, supervisory and communication skills may be required. An incumbent often serves as a resource person or expert in his or her area of responsibility for other staff and library users. Examples include knowledge of a particular area of academic investigation or expertise in highly specialized computer applications. Identifying and solving problems may entail lengthy, time-consuming investigations and require the ability to resolve differences among the parties. When guidelines are absent or problems without precedent, the incumbent is required to use initiative and judgment. The library assistant IV may represent the library by making presentations to user groups regarding the use of and access to the library's resources. The majority of assignments (more than 50 percent) are at the most advanced level.

Minimum Hire-in Rate

Minimum After Probationary Rate



2. Knowledge & Abilities

Thorough knowledge of the fundamentals and practices of library services (acquisitions, bibliographic control, information services, conservation and/or preservation of library materials, etc.).  Comprehensive knowledge of the activities, policies, and procedures of the area to which the position is assigned; the way in which that area interacts with the rest of the library and the library interacts with the university; computer applications in the library.  Ability to: analyze and evaluate applicable rules, guidelines, and precedents and use initiative in applying them in specific instances; work with librarians in a consultative manner on a variety of issues; provide support and assistance to librarians and/or administrators; recommend policy, procedural, and operational changes in the area of responsibility participate in planning; formulate goals and allocate resources to meet those goals; make decisions and serve as a resource person within the area of competence.  Ability to: work accurately with attention to detail; use discretion in applying rules, regulations, and procedures; communicate effectively using standard spoken and written English; work cooperatively with others; use a typewriter and/or a word processor; read and write English at a level appropriate to the position.

3. Education & Experience

Education requirement is the stated number of years of education or units of post secondary education or equivalent combination of knowledge and experience.

3 years Library Assistant and 4 years education (120 units), or equivalent