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Human Resources - Room 339, Lone Mountain Main
Human Resources - Room 339, Lone Mountain Main
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Wednesday, April 22

Library Assistant I

1. Definitions

This is the first level in the series. Incumbents in both public and technical services perform tasks requiring a working knowledge of library procedures and policies as they relate to the work assignment. A working knowledge of department and library activities, policies, and procedures is necessary and may be acquired on the job while in probationary status. Incumbents perform work that is routine and repetitive in nature. Tasks are well defined. In most cases, problems and their causes are easily identified. More experienced incumbents may be able to identify the causes of unusual problems. In general, problems will be solved by applying past experiences in handling similar issues with slightly different data. Guidelines are clear, well-defined, and applicable to the tasks assigned. Some employees may exercise personal judgment in interpreting them.

Minimum Hire-in Rate

Minimum After Probationary Rate



Work at this level requires the employee to choose the appropriate method from a limited number of options. Incumbents are not expected to develop new methods or procedures. More experienced employees may provide some input into the development of new or improved procedures or practices. The library assistant I is expected to be able to provide information to the library user that requires a working knowledge of library operations or to refer inquiries to an appropriate resource person and to use library computer systems as resources. Incumbents may schedule the work of and train student assistants as well as provide advice and direction to them. The majority of assignments (more than 50 percent) are at this level.

2. Knowledge & Abilities

Working knowledge of library terminology, general bibliographic forms and structures, library computer applications (may be acquired during probationary period).  Ability to: work accurately with attention to detail; use discretion in applying rules, regulations, and procedures; communicate effectively using standard spoken and written English; work cooperatively with others; use a typewriter and/or word processor; read and write English at a level appropriate to the position. Ability to: apply rules in accordance with policy, regulations, and procedures under varying circumstances; provide standard information on library policies and procedures to library users.

3. Education & Experience

Education requirement is the stated number of year's of education or units of post secondary education or equivalent combination of knowledge and experience.

One year general office and library experience and two years of education (60 units), or equivalent.