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Human Resources - Room 339, Lone Mountain Main
Human Resources - Room 339, Lone Mountain Main
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Wednesday, April 22

Library Assistant III

1. Definitions

This is the third level in the series. Incumbents in both public and technical services perform duties requiring a thorough knowledge and understanding of the library's collection, classification scheme, catalog, and computer applications, as well as the activities, policies, and procedures of the unit(s) to which they are assigned. An understanding of how the activities of the assigned unit fit into the overall activities of the library is also required. Work assignments are complex and varied, often outside the scope of standard practices and established guidelines. In areas that are not covered by a written policy and procedure, independent judgment in making decisions is expected. A larger proportion of problems encountered are difficult, requiring extensive investigation to determine their cause. Unprecedented problems or ambiguous guidelines require resolution through research and consultation with librarians or other staff members. Incumbents are given substantial independence in carrying out assignments, exercising initiative and judgment as appropriate. They must be resourceful in resolving problems and discrepancies, doing research, developing and improving procedures, preparing materials for library users, and using and coordinating library computer systems as resources or assisting others to effectively utilize library computer systems. The incumbent may serve as a resource person, providing information to librarians and administrators as well as other library users. The library assistant III may provide input to the department budget process. The incumbent may schedule and direct the work of employees at the same or lower level. The majority of assignments (more than 50 percent) are at this level.

Minimum Hire-in Rate

Minimum After Probationary Rate



2. Knowledge & Abilities

Thorough knowledge of the library's collection, classification schema, and catalog; computer applications in the library; the activities, policies, and procedures of the area to which the position is assigned; the way in which that area interacts with the other parts of the library and the library interacts with the university.  Ability to: coordinate administrative aspects of a particular library function; implement policy and procedures; establish work procedures, prioritize tasks, and modify procedures in the light of experience; resolve problems and perform duties even in situations in which policy is general and guidelines are inadequate; apply independent judgment within the framework of established library policies; demonstrate initiative and resourcefulness in resolving problems; write explanatory materials for library users; assist in the implementation of library computer systems.

Ability to: work accurately with attention to detail; use discretion in applying rules, regulations, and procedures; communicate effectively using standard spoken and written English; work cooperatively with others; use a typewriter and/or a word processor; read and write English at a level appropriate to the position.

3. Education & Experience

Education requirement is the stated number of years of education or units of post secondary education or equivalent combination of knowledge and experience.

2 years Library Assistant and 4 years education (120 units), or equivalent