The University of San Francisco: Think About It Talk About It

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we require Think About It?

Federal mandates including Title IX, Drug-Free Schools and the Campus Sexual Violence Elimination (SaVE) Act require that we offer education addressing alcohol, drugs, and sexual assault to all students attending the university. High risk drinking and its consequences are problems for college students across the United States and USF students are not exempt from these concerns. As we strive together to create a socially responsible learning community, USF requires that all first-year and transfer undergraduate students take Think About It before arriving on campus.

Will the answers to my poll quetions remain anonymous?

Yes. All submissions are kept anonymous as a way to encourage open and honest answers.

What will happen if I don't take the course?

If you do not complete one or more parts, you will be charged a $100 fee per part. Additionally, if you don’t take part one, you will be charged $300 since those who don’t complete part one will not be invited to take parts two and three.

Who created this course and why?

This course was created in collaboration with USF Student Life and CampusClarity (a service of LawRoom). Peter Novak, Vice Provost of Student Life, saw a need to combine the topics of alcohol and other drugs with sexual misconduct when he noticed a strong correlation yet a glaring omission in the availability of educational programs. LawRoom has designed online sexual harassment training for over 20 years and was eager to work with USF.

How does USF use the course data?

Data is used to measure learning outcomes, student satisfaction, and prevalence of social norms. Because similar questions are asked from course to course, we are able to see any major shifts in student attitudes and behaviors. To measure knowledge retention, the course is able to track the number of questions answered correctly on the first try to see which areas of the program need to be addressed again or perhaps in a different way.