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The Course

Going off to college often means experiencing things for the first time, making day-to-day choices that were previously decided by family members or teachers.

Now that you’re on your own, it’s time you gain the knowledge and develop the confidence to make smart, healthy choices that contribute to your success in and out of the classroom.

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Think About It is a research-based, online training program that empowers incoming students to make healthy choices and to minimize risks associated with alcohol, drugs, and sexual violence. In order to maintain a socially responsible learning community, USF requires all first-year and transfer undergraduate students to complete Think About It before arriving on campus.

Accessing the Course:

Once enrolled at the university, an email will be sent to your USF email address approximately 30 days before classes start with directions to access the course. If you do not received this email, sign up for Think About It at Please be aware that you will need to know your USF email address ( and ID number to register. If you don't know your USF ID:

  1. Go to USF Connect
  2. Select “Forgot USF ID?” on the left hand side
  3. Enter your username and password

For Think About It technical support, contact CampusClarity at (800) 652-9546. For all other questions and concerns, call USF Health Promotion Services at (415) 422-5797.