The University of San Francisco: Emergency Medical Response Service

What We Do

The University of San Francisco Emergency Medical Response Service provides basic life support and emergency medical services to the University of San Francisco Community.

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EMRS provides medical coverage on weekends, Friday and Saturday from 7pm to & 7am and will rapidly respond when dispatched. EMRS is staffed by at least two EMT’s and all squad members are state certified EMT Basic, and are also certified in CPR and First Aid. Members are committed to serving others and receive no compensation for their time. This includes working shifts, providing standby services for events, and providing education by teaching classes for the university community.

Our scope of practice includes the evaluation of the ill and injured in the prehospital setting. We render basic life support, rescue, and  emergency medical care to patients. We obtain diagnostic signs to include, but not limited to, blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, respiratory rate, pulse oximetry, pupil size and level of consciousness. We perform CPR, defibrillate, administer oxygen and work to protect and care for patients airways and assist with breathing. The EMTs also use various equipment to transport patients and assist other prehospital personnel when indicated.

Service Area Boundaries

USF EMRs Service Area Map

EMRS services USF’s main campus, also known and the “hilltop”. Buildings and grounds serviced include:

  • West: Stanyan Street (back of Koret)
  • East: Masonic Street (bottom of the baseball field) and Office of Contracts and Grants and McCarthy Center Building
  • North: Loyola Village
  • South: Back of the law School
  • We are also responsible for the sidewalks that adjoin our buildings.

EMRS can also extend these boundaries under special circumstances such as dispatch to other university buildings or university housing complexes. When in doubt call — If an EMRS squad cannot handle the location, the dispatcher can directly forward the request to the SFFD/EMS dispatcher.

University of San Francisco provides First Aid Kits through out the campus. For more information, please check on the list of the First Aid Kits locations.