The University of San Francisco: Emergency Medical Response Service


The operations of USF's Emergency Medical Service are overseen by the medical director, vice provost and associate dean of student life as team members with the president and vice president of EMRs. The administrative officer, equipment and education managers and the other elected officials assist in daily operations as well.


The squad meets bi-monthly to review operations, protocols and procedures and to review membership applications.


Two EMTs are on duty on Friday and Saturday nights, with one being the lead squad member, the highest ranked member of the squad. In order to reach this position the squad member must demonstrate excellent on the scene judgment and skills and be able to mentor newer squad members.

Electronic Systems

Scheduling the squad is the responsibility of the vice president. Squad members are responsible for self-scheduling and are aware of the time commitments. Scheduling in accomplished on the emsCharts system.

The website, communication systems, emsCharts and training are managed by the IT/Electronic Officer and Vice President in collaboration with Web Services and the Assistant Director of OSCRR & Community Relations.


Equipment is managed and coordinated by the Facilities/Equipment Manager in collaboration with the Environmental Services Department.