The University of San Francisco: Emergency Medical Response Service

Join Emergency Medical Response Services

Gain leadership experience and lifesaving skills from a community of USF students who share a passion for maintaining a safe campus.

Why Join EMRS?

  • Gain experience and develop critical thinking skills as an EMT
  • Develop leadership skills, communication ability and a problem solving mindset that make you more competitive on the job market
  • Learn how to run a small business while working as part of a team
  • Meet other USF students who share your interest in healthcare and emergency medical services

Applications for squad membership are taken at the beginning of each term (Fall, Intersession, Spring and Summer). Applications for community members are taken throughout the year.

Application and Training Requirements

USF's Emergency Medical Response Service is considered to be a division within the department of Student Life, not a club or campus organization. EMTs therefore are considered volunteer staff of the university, and are held to certain standards. Students are required to:

  • Maintain a cumulative GPA average of 2.5 throughout their membership
  • Have completed an EMT-Basic course, received California EMT certification and become accredited by the San Francisco City and County
  • Follow a code of appropriate professional conduct, both on and off duty
  • Follow all EMRS policies, guidelines, protocols, and applicable privacy and other laws
EMT Basic Training Program

USF offers a 2-unit credit course through the College of Arts and Sciences (Biology 205.01 EMT Training) three times a year*.

This EMT B course is held at the University of San Francisco Hilltop Campus.

USF sponsors 20 students annually for additional course costs not covered by tuition credit.

*Mandatory attendance to an information/interview session is required. Information/interview sessions are announced prior to Advising week during the Fall and Spring semesters. Registration is completed by faculty.

USF EMR makes no guarantees that EMTs will receive salaries, payment, stipends, or any sort of monetary compensation. As EMTs advance within EMRS, they may be offered the ability to work special events for pay, coordinate the clinical and administrative aspects of the service, and earn stipends as members of the EMRS CPR staff; however, duty EMRS personnel, active squad members, donate their time to enhance the safety and quality of University life at USF.