The University of San Francisco: Emergency Medical Response Service

Emergency Medical Responder of the Month

April: Eric Bratcher

Eric Bratcher EMT April 15Eric has stepped up to be our Field Training Officer this year. Despite his hectic schedule and working his way up to working 911 calls, he has made the time to educate our members and get them ready to serve our community. His extensive knowledge and experience makes him a great teacher and mentor to our new EMTs. He is admired by the new EMTs for his patience, dedication, and understanding. Even experienced members who have been with EMRS since the beginning benefit from Eric's mentorship. We are so grateful for Eric taking on this vital role and for the great contributions he has made to making our service even stronger.

March: Monica Degenhardt

Monica Degenhardt EMT March 15Although Monica has only been with us for a short time, the work she has done for our organization has helped us grow immensely. As our service grew, we quickly realized that we were lacking individuals to take responsibility for important aspects of the service. Monica has filled this role and let's our service run smoothly and efficiently. The organization has never been better and no one can deny Monica's contributions. Her positive attitude and dedication to our service in contagious and inspires each of us to go the extra mile. With members like Monica among us, our organization is bound to become even greater. Thank you Monica for all that you do.

February: Jane Smith

Jane Smith Feb 2015 EMTThis month, we’d like to honor our EMT Advisor, Jane Smith. She brings the experience of a long time paramedic, a co-founder of an Emergency Medical Service focused organization, and an educator to name a few. We cannot thank her enough for her many contributions to our organization in the short amount of time that she’s been with us. She’s volunteered her time to be on shifts with us, brought us connections and resources that aid in our growth, brings great food to potlucks, and even donated equipment that improve the care we provide. Jane, with the help of others, brought the EMT course to USF which is an extremely large feat. Her love of EMS and passion to help others inspires us to remember that our organization’s core purpose to is to make our USF community safer and healthier. So again, thank you Jane for your pride in EMS, commitment to our organization, and your more than generous contributions.

November: Ann Mackey

Ann Mackey Nov EMTAnn is the Public Relations Officer for USF EMRS. She works hard to get our name out on campus and in the community shown by our presence at events like the Presidential Inauguration, Involvement Fair, and Dons Fest to name a few. She organizes and plans events both on and off campus include an event at San Francisco's City Hall. She has great leadership and organizational skills that help us improve our service and organization. Her dedication to improving our service is just as contagious as her positive attitude and smile.

October: Nicholas Koo

Nicholas Koo Oct EMTEveryone in EMRs was distraught when Nicholas Koo announced he was leaving USF for a different school. He has changed his mind, however, and his fellow EMTs are thrilled. Nicholas has worked on new, innovative techniques to track equipment use as EMR's supply manager. He consistently works more shifts than any other member and he always is eager to volunteer to help improve the safety of his community. His unique personality breathes life into every meeting he is a part of. He has been, and continues to be, an integral part of USF EMRS.

September: Renee Henderson

Renee Henderson Sept 2014 EMTRenee serves as our Quality and Safety officer and takes great pride in her work in data collection, aggregation and presentation to keep our program in compliance with national standards. She is meticulous in her approach and is easily approachable consistently contributing ideas, leadership and mentorship as she performs well above expectations. She is a perfect fit for the Quality and Safety Officer role and her positive attitude and infectious smile make our work pleasant and even more rewarding. She helps to keep us on track, time and true to our mission.

August: Octavia Struve

Octavia StruveEMRs would not be what it is today if it weren’t for the passion and hard work of Octavia Struve. Prof. Struve is faculty member in the School of Nursing and the Faculty Advisor for USF EMRS. She has put in countless hours working on the growth of this program from the ground up while also working on her Doctor of Nursing Practice degree. She continuously is finding new ways to improve the service, connect the members to the outside EMS system, and most importantly improve the safety on campus. Because of her direction and her dedication to our service, we have grown much faster than we ever could have imagined. We may never be able to repay her for all her efforts, but this is one attempt to do so. Thank you Octavia!

July: Oliver Medzihradsky M.D.

The medical direction of an emergency medical services program and EMT-Basic personnel, on the campus prehospital care program at USF, is an essential component of prehospital training and care. Physician involvement is in place for all aspects of medical care provided by our squad. Oliver Medzihradsky MD, Assistant Professor, UCSF Department of Medicine, Division of Hospital Medicine and Pediatrics, and our Medical Director is involved in all aspects of our emergency medical services whether it is the direct care of patients the ongoing training of our EMTs.

Oliver is the very cornerstone of our service. His enthusiasm and expertise are noticed and his help to provide ongoing continuing education to our members is much appreciated. He often makes us think deeply, reflect and analyze our calls so that we might learn from our experiences. He helps us integrate new evidence based protocols, new skills and assures that we gain experience to ultimately improve ourselves and our services. He is always there to support us when it matters and we appreciate his ideas and ability to be creative and work with us and address current issues with the campus population.

He fills one tall order well and we are confident that no one can fit in his shoes. Thank you Dr. Oliver!

June: SFFD/AMR/King

SFFD.AMR.KINGField training is perhaps the most important aspect of the development an EMT’s thought process and skills application and competence. The San Francisco Fire Department’s Emergency Medical Services Division, American Medical Response, and King American Ambulance Company support USFEMRS members by providing field training opportunities. The San Francisco Fire Department provides two 12 hour shifts for our EMTs and offers additional shifts as requested. American Medical Response and King American Ambulance Company both provide USFEMRS members with one field training experience.
The provision of these field training experiences are invaluable to the growth of our EMTs. They also provide excellent communication and partnership opportunities between EMS agencies. We deeply value these experiences and are grateful for their continued support for our EMTs and program. Thank you.

Also special thanks to the following individuals from each organization:

Renard Arsenault: Supervisor Operations E, at American Medical Response Ambulance
Josh Nultemeier: Operations Manager, at King-American Ambulance
Jeff Meyers: Assistant Deputy Chief, SFFD EMS Division for both field training support and for continued guidance with operations, training and our program.

May: Special Thanks to our Graduates

Paul Gonzales May EMT

Paul Gonzales
EMRS President
Biology Major/ Music Minor

Paul has played a key role in the organization since its inception. He has all the qualities of a great leader. Paul has been inspiring to work with, and he has helped mold EMRS into what it is today.

Jonell May EMT
Jonell Strain
EMRS Education Coordinator 
Nursing Major 
Jonell has brought an amazing work ethic and positive attitude to the organization. Her thoughtful and caring attitude has served the organization well, and it is sure to make her an amazing nurse in the future.

Jess May EMT

Jessica Hogan
EMRS Member
Nursing Major

Jess has been a great asset to EMRS. She consistently applies the skills and knowledge from her nursing major, to improve her level of patient care. Not only does she work hard to provide quality care, she inspires others to do so as well.

Rachel May EMT
Rachel Barros
EMRS Member 
Psychology Major 
Rachel has quickly demonstrated her commitment and confidence as part of the emergency response team. As one of our newest members, she rightfully earned the trust of the team with her responsibility and dedication to patient care.

Sean May EMT 14
Sean Flynn
EMRS Member 
Biology Major 
Sean was able to bring both professionalism and humor to the EMRS team. He is not only a dependable EMT, he brings an infectious positive attitude to the organization.

Nick May EMT 14
Nick Koo
EMRS Event Coordinator 
Biology Major 
Nick came to EMRS with a strong work ethic and a great attitude. He approaches patient care with professionalism, and yet can still lighten the mood in any scenario. Nick leaves us not as a graduate, but as someone pursuing his dream school and we wish him the best of luck.

April: William Gomez

William Gomez April EMT

William Gomez serves as a an EMT, as a active squad member and as the services facilities and equipment manager. He has excellent leadership and organizational skills and has developed concrete processes that have helped the service run effectively. His communication skills are excellent and he consistently represents our organization with confidence, honesty and a strong commitment to its mission. He works hard and makes it look easy. He is a most trusted member of the team. He is our vice president elect and promises to continue to propel the service forward with his many contributions and leadership.

William Gomez April EMT 2
"I was first introduced to EMS through a collegiate ambulance service at SUNY Albany my Freshman year and I absolutely loved it. So when I came to USF and discovered I could help start a similar program, I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of. Having the opportunity to be a part of this exciting venture has been an awesome experience; in particular working with the motivated, talented, and highly dedicated EMRS. As of now I am finishing my junior year as a Biology major here at USF and as an Air Force ROTC cadet. My ultimate goal is to work as a Flight Surgeon for the US Air Force, and I know that being a part of the EMRS can help me get there."

March: Paul Gonzales

Paul EMT of the Month Mar 2014

Paul is both a excellent EMT and the EMRs president. His leadership style and work with and for the team has helped propel the service forward. Paul is charged with not only leading the squad and community members but also manages the human resources side of the service from shift schedules to communications. His professional growth over this past year is to be commended. As one of his fellow officers puts it, "he is crushing it"!

"I'm a senior, majoring in Biology and minoring in Music. Since moving here to attend USF, I consider San Francisco to be my home. This city has given me many opportunities and introduced me to some of the most amazing and inspiring people I've ever met. I couldn't have imagined a better group of hardworking and dedicated people to build this organization with and serve the USF community. My experiences here have fueled my passion for healthcare and medicine. My plan after graduation is to continue my education in medical school."

February: Jonell Strain

Jonell Strain EMT of the Month Feb 2014

Jonell is a fairly new member of the EMRs squad. She has contributed to the team with much enthusiasm and hard work working open shifts, taking on projects and with education coordination for CEU classes. She is now the Education Officer. She consistently demonstrates a positive "can do" attitude and her infectious smile brings much warmth to our meetings. Jonell is the USFEMRs "Sweetheart". We depend on her skills and attitudes and she is highly dependable.

“When I was a child, my father had heart disease, diabetes, emphysema, and other fatal complications. As a result, I grew to love him in an extraordinary way; I was his daughter and also one of his caretakers. From my experiences with my father, I decided to pursue a career in healthcare, and chose nursing because of the holistic patient interaction nurses cultivate. I am working toward my Bachelors in Nursing here at USF, which has been a fantastic journey. I acquired my Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) certification in 2012 in order to attain more internship and learning opportunities. I had previously volunteered under my licence, but when I was accepted to the USF EMRS in August 2013, I was thrilled. It is exactly the exposure I was hoping for when I attained my license. The USF EMRS has given me experience, leadership, and community. I am proud to be a member and an officer in this wonderful organization. I will be concluding my nursing program this May, and will become a Registered Public Health Nurse (RN and PHN) shortly thereafter. My ultimate career goal is to be a Nurse Practitioner (DNP) and open a clinic that focuses on the dynamics of family health from pre-concpetion through infancy. There are two keys to this new role: patient education and complication vigilance. Being a first responder and a member of USF EMRS will help me greatly in these future endeavors. The family unit is incredible. It all comes together in so many designs, and yet critical thinking, comfort, and education are a constant theme. I wish to help these families through joy, through pain, through sorrow, and through anxiety. I love being a patient's educator, care provider, and advocate. I am honored to be a part of their health and care. I am blessed that USF and USF EMRS have helped me achieve my dreams.”

January: Robert Audet

Robert Audet, an Executive Director at the San Francisco Paramedic Association, has dedicated his time and expertise to USF EMRs since its inception. His extensive knowledge of pre-hospital medicine has been essential to the success and rapid growth of the organization. Mr. Audet assists with daily matters, with the goal of providing the best care to our patients. He is solely responsible for starting a training site at the University, which has trained nearly 200 students and faculty in basic life saving techniques. He helps EMRs get involved with the community, with events like Urban Shield and many other various volunteer opportunities. Mr. Audet has also been vital to the continued training and certification of many EMTs on the squad. The University of San Francisco Emergency Medical Response team would be nowhere near where it is today, if it weren't for the dedication of Bob Audet!

December: Michael Stevenson

Michael Stevenson Picture

Michael is the consummate professional as he consistently demonstrates respect in his profession, for the University and his role as the Field Training Officer for the EMRs service at USF. He has taught and guided the squad with integrity and expert knowledge and has helped develop the EMTs into effective members of the team with an unwavering sense of responsibility and care. He has helped us all gain confidence and taught us about what it is to be passionate and competent as people in the student and professional roles. His character exemplifies the characteristics and principles of the Ignatian spirit by offering his service where people need it most. Thank you Michael and good luck to you at graduation!

“Hi, I’m Michael Stevenson! I am a North Bay native from the small town of Sebastopol. I have lived in Berkeley, Santa Cruz, and San Francisco, and I’m proud to call the Bay Area my home. For the past seven years I have worked in the EMS field on an ambulance. I have spent the last two years finishing my Master of Science in Nursing at USF and graduate this December as a Clinical Nurse Leader. I have always been passionate about public service and improving community health, so when I heard about the EMR service I was excited to take part. I believe it is important to continue to be a steward for the healthcare professions, and I take pride in teaching and helping to foster the growth of new EMTs in this program. I have had the opportunity to work with many wonderful individuals, and I am proud to see how far the USF EMR program has come so far.”

November: Erika Cole

Erica Cole

Erika exemplifies the role of the student as a professional, both as a first responder EMT and as the administrative officer, for the USFEMRs. She enthusiastically fulfills her duties and always does so with a smile and humankindness. She reminds us all what it looks like to be a person for the greater good of others. Erika is genuine and hardworking. She is all around an exceptional woman and team member.

"Hi, I'm Erika Cole! I am originally from South Eastern Washington and am currently a junior Biology Student here at USF. Medicine and healthcare have always been in the focus of my education. However, I didn't see myself becoming an EMT until last fall when the opportunity to take the certification class came about here at USF. Working as an EMT fits right in with my active personality and desire to help others and I'm so glad I get to share this with the USF community. Being involved with USF EMR has given me many different opportunities to broaden my view on the possibilities the healthcare field. It has also allowed me to get to know an awesome team of students as we've worked to build this amazing program. I'm thankful for all the opportunities and growth USF EMR has brought me this year and I am looking forward to the future growth of the program."

October: Marvin Huang

Marvin Huang

Marvin has consistently been engaged with all aspects of the EMT role. He is very responsible and also has strong sense of responsibility to his squad and the service, often stepping up to help, in a multitude of situations. As our Public Relations officer he has connected USFEMRs with the campus community. He works with a quiet and focused approach and truly appears to enjoy his work. His progress in the field, as a new EMT, has been recognized and is to be commended. Marvin is reliable and professional. Steady as he goes...

Marvin Huang

"I was born and raised in this amazing city of San Francsico. By the end of my high school education, I decided to go into healthcare and have never looked back. I am currently a Nursing student at USF and love what I'm doing. While at USF, I am part of the National Co-ed Service Fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega, and USF EMRs. I became an EMT after my Freshman year here because I was eager to utilize my classroom skills in a more real world setting. Never would I have dreamed that I'd get involved with an on-campus emergency system. I am so glad that I decided to come to USF because I've been able to get involved in all parts of the campus community while meeting many inspiring people along the way. "

September: William Glazier

William Glazier

William has demonstrated exceptional and consistent leadership to the USFEMR service. He currently serves as Vice President, is a team leader for the squad, and has volunteered for extra shifts to help guide and assure safety of the squad and its services. He has been in charge of and operated all aspects of our CPR and First Aid training classes for the last six months. His organizational skills and teaching abilities are to be commended. We have had numerous students comment on his professionalism and his ability to make these classes "the best CPR class I have ever taken." William exemplifies the mission of the service and the University.

William Glazier

"I started in the medical field about 5 years ago as a combat medic in the U.S. Army. My training included Airborne School, Ranger Indoctrination Program, Special Operation Combat Medic Course, and Ranger School. I was deployed to Iraq in 2010, and Afghanistan in 2011. While overseas I operated as a platoon medic in the 1st Ranger Battalion. Most of my medical training and experience was focused on trauma management. I’m currently in my second year at USF studying biology. I am incredibly grateful to study here, and work with people that are passionate about science and medicine. After graduation, I plan to continue to medical school."