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Think About It

High risk drinking and its consequences are problems for college students across the United States and USF students are not exempt from these concerns.

As we strive together to create a socially responsible learning community, USF requires all new first-year and transfer undergraduate students to take Think About It for college before coming to campus.  


Think About It is a required, three part, science-based online course that prepares incoming college students for the unique challenges and responsibilities of college life. Recognizing that the issues of drug and alcohol abuse, the hookup culture, sexual violence, and healthy relationships are all connected, the program examines these topics in social, cultural, and personal contexts that advocate self-reflection and the pursuit of social justice.


New students (Freshmen and Transfer students) must complete Think About It Part I, II, III.

Fall Deadline:
September 1

Spring Deadline:

February 1   

Part I will be available several weeks before your first semester of school, and subsequent courses will be provided each semester until completed. You must complete Part I before you are invited to Part II, and complete Part II before you are invited to Part III. You will receive an invite via email when each Part becomes available. However, if you do not complete Part I, you will not receive an invitation to Part II or Part III, and if you do not complete Part II, you will not receive an invitation to take Part III. It is your responsibility to keep track of what Part you must complete.

Failure to Complete the Course

If one or more parts are not completed, you will be charged a $100 fine per Part. For instance, a total of $300 in fines will be incurred over the course of three semesters for not successfully taking Part I, Part II and Part III.

You may contact us at if you want to take the course to have the fine removed. Students who choose to do this must provide a Certificate of Completion after the Part has been completed to receive a refund.  

Accessing the Course

An email will be sent to new students (Freshmen and Transfer students) with information about the course and a link to access it. If you have not received the email, please click here to access Think About It now!

Invitation emails will be sent for Part II & III as those sections become available. 

Please be aware that you will need to know your USF email address ( and USF ID Number in order to access the Think About It course. If you don't know your USF ID or username, you can look it up on the USFconnect Login Tools page.

  1. Go to the Login Tools page.
  2. Click on USF ID Number Lookup.
  3. Enter your USF Username and Password, and then click the Find It button.
  4. Your email address is

Need Help?

For Technical Support, provided by CampusClarity (a service of LawRoom): (800) 652-9546

For all other questions and concerns, call Health Promotion Services: (415) 422-5797