Health Insurance Policy 2013-14

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As a condition of enrollment, the University of San Francisco requires certain groups of students to have health insurance, both to protect against unexpected high medical costs and provide access to quality care. The following groups of students are required to have health insurance:

  • All domestic undergraduate students registered for 9 credit hours or more (excluding visiting students, certificate programs, and online programs)
  • All domestic graduate students registered for 6 credit hours or more (excluding visiting students, certificate programs, and online programs)
  • All international students and scholars registered for at least 1 credit hour (this includes undergraduate, graduate, law, and non-degree students)
  • All students who reside in University-operated housing (including undergraduate, graduate, law, and non-degree students)
Note: Students must actively attend classes for at least the first 31 days after the date for which coverage is purchased. Students who withdraw from their courses or who drop below the necessary credits listed above before census date will not be automatically charged and enrolled in the student health insurance plan.


Domestic undergraduate students registered for  fewer than 9 credit hours and graduate students registered for fewer than 6 credit hour are eligible to purchase the student Health Insurance plan. These students must be registered for at least 1 credit hour and can voluntarily purchase the plan online by visiting the Aetna Student Health Website.


All students on a medical or academic leave of absence and Optical Practical Training (OPT) students can enroll and remain on the student health insurance plan for up to 1 year while away from the university. These students will need to contact Health Promotion Services at 415-422-5797 in order to enroll.

Hard Waiver

Students required to have health insurance will be automatically enrolled and billed for the USF-sponsored student health insurance plan. Students who have health insurance coverage comparable (equal or better) to the USF-sponsored plan under a United States-domiciled health insurance company may waive this requirement each academic year. Domestic students may waive this requirement online. Health Insurance Waiver

International students must complete a  health insurance waiver form and submit a Summary of Benefits and Coverage in person at the Health Promotion Services office (UC 5th Floor) to ensure that their health insurance policy meets the minimum insurance requirements established by the University of San Francisco and United States federal government regulations. If the waiver is approved, the student’s account will be credited accordingly.

Students are expected to maintain comparable health insurance coverage at all times during their waiver period. However, if a student’s health coverage is dropped, it is the student’s responsibility to contact Health Promotion Services to discuss his/her options. If the online waiver is denied, students can complete an Insurance Waiver Appeal form online at ..

Waiver Process

The waiver is an annual one if a student waives the health insurance in the fall semester. However, students who waive the health insurance in the spring semester  must submit another waiver in the following fall semester. Students who waive the plan in the fall semester, are eligible to complete a waiver reversal form and enroll in the USF-sponsored health insurance plan for the spring semester. These students must contact the Health Promotion Service office and submit a waiver reversal form to enroll in the plan.

Summer Students

Students who commence their enrollment in the summer session are not automatically enrolled in and not billed for the University-sponsored health plan. These students must purchase the coverage for the summer session or apply for a waiver in order to comply with the USF health insurance policy.

More Information

USF health insurance requirements, plan benefits, online waiver request form, waiver periods, and deadlines are published at For further information, please contact Health Promotion Services (HPS) at or 415.422.5797