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Flu season is here. Recognize the symptoms and take steps to protect yourself. Learn more »

Pandemic Flu

The University of San Francisco has established a taskforce of officials who would be in communication with infectious disease experts from the San Francisco Department of Public Health to deal with any possible cases of seasonal flu and the H1N1 virus outbreak. The taskforce is aslo charged with reviewing and updating the USF Pandemic Flu Prevention and Response Plan outlining campus guidelines on minimizing the risk of infection, and  maintaining safe campus operations.

Individuals can help protect themselves and others by getting vaccinated and following these healthy habits: 

  • wash your hands often, 
  • cough and sneeze in your crook of your sleeve, 
  • don’t share personal items, 
  • stay home or in your room when sick, and 
  • get  vaccinated.

 We wish you ongoing success and good health at USF.