Aetna ValuePassSM Card

Aetna offers a ValuePassSM card for dental care services.  ValuePass card is a pre-paid MasterCard branded card that helps you pay for only the dental care you need when you need it, at affordable prices. Use it for everything from exams and X-rays to teeth whitening. 

Choose from more than 136,000 available dental practice locations in the nationwide Aetna Dental Access® network. ValuePass 

card offers between 15 to 50 percent off the average retail cost per visit for dental services. 


Visit Aetna ValuePass to see the savings and get your own ValuePass!

 The Aetna ValuePassSM program (the "Program") is NOT dental insurance and you don't have to have Aetna student insurance plan to sign up for ValuePass card.  The card is no-hassle care, with no claims, no membership fee, no premiums, and no waiting period to get reimbursed.  The effective date for the card is Friday November 1, 2013.

Please Note:

The program provides cardholders with access to discounted rates pursuant to schedules negotiated by Aetna Life Insurance Company ("Aetna"), 151 Farmington Avenue, Hartford, CT 06156, 1-888-215-6578, with dental providers (the "Aetna ValuePass Participating Providers") in the Aetna Dental Access Network. Aetna is the Discount Medical Plan Organization. Your Card may be used at any dental provider, but you will only receive discounted rates at Aetna ValuePass Participating Providers. The range of discounts provided under the Program will vary depending on the type of Aetna ValuePass Participating Provider and type of service received. The Card provides payments directly to the providers accepting payments using the funds on your Card. In order to receive a discount, you must use the Card to pay for services or products furnished by the Aetna ValuePass Participating Providers.