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Erasmus is housed at Lone Mountain Residence Hall and is open to second-year students.
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Erasmus Community

Erasmus is designed to bring together second and third year students from the various undergraduate colleges at USF in a shared learning environment with the option for community living. During both fall and spring semesters, students engage in coursework, involvement at a number of organizations, and community building.

Erasmus students learn theoretical information from the classroom experience, discuss the material as a community and directly apply information and ideas through various community-based research projects. Over the course of a year, students in the community delve deeper into their understanding of the intertextuality of ethics, service, and justice at local and global levels.

The community culminates with a two-week experience in a marginalized region which offers students the opportunity to dialogue with people working in direct service roles and reflect on their own evolving understanding of justice, and their role in creating change.


Upon successful completion of the year, Erasmus students fulfill these core requirements and earn four units of elective credit:

  • Ethics (Core D)
  • Service-Learning (SL)

Successful applicants may choose to live in the designated space for Erasmus in the Lone Mountain Residence Hall or opt to live elsewhere on or off-campus. All community members are required to enroll in the Erasmus courses for both fall and spring semesters.