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Esther Madríz Diversity Scholars live together in Phelan Hall. The community is open to second-year students.
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Faculty and Staff

Stephanie Sears, Department of Sociology

Stephanie SearsI am a sociology professor that also teaches in the African American Studies and Gender and Sexualities Studies programs at USF. My teaching and research interests focus on understanding power, privilege, oppression, and social change. I bring these interests to my work with EMDS. What I enjoy most about being a part of EMDS is building relationships with students outside of the classroom that create a more thoughtful, engaged and fun learning environment. I also enjoy stepping back and allowing students to vision, design, and implement their own social change projects. Being a part of this program is one of the highlights of my USF experience.

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Karina Hodoyán, Assistant Professor

Karina HodoyanAssistant Professor, received her Masters in Comparative Literature at San Francisco State University and her PhD from the Department of Spanish & Portuguese at Stanford University. Her areas of focus include Mexican, Border and Chicana/o Literary and Cultural Studies, with an interest in Feminist and Performance Studies.

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