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Application for Candidacy

As a candidate for election, you will be held responsible for knowing and understanding all the information contained in the Election Information Packet. Please review the material BEFORE submitting any of the application forms. Once the application form has been submitted, please email a photo of yourself to ALL CANDIDATES WILL BE EVALUATED FOR ELIGIBILITY AND RECEIVE NOTICE OF ABILITY TO PARTICIPATE WITHIN 48 HOURS OF APPLICATION CLOSING DEADLINES. Best of luck in the election!

Part A

First Name:
Last Name:
Office Sought:
Phone Number:
Student ID#:
Degree Sought:
Any academic/disciplinary probation?

Part B

Every candidate will be able to tell the graduate student body about themselves and the reason they are running for a GSS position. The statements will be used in various ways to promote voting, including the campus elections booklet, Foghorn insert, website, and candidate profile. Students seeking Executive Branch GSS positions may not exceed 150 words, and all other positions may not exceed 100 words.

Examples of information that may be included in the statement:

  1. Who am I? (Name, Hometown, Interests)
  2. Why you would like to be a member of GSS?
  3. Past experience in leadership position(s) that have prepared you for a leadership role in Senate.
  4. Your vision and goals for GSS next year?

Part C

GSS Candidates are required to provide two endorsements from USF faculty or senior administration. Please fill out the information regarding the individuals supporting your candidacy.

Contact Phone:
Contact Email:

Contact Phone:
Contact Email:

Part D (optional)

If you select to do so, you may elect a Campaign Representative. Campaign Representatives must be stated on this form at the time of application, and at no later time. The Campaign Representative may act as your proxy and designate at Mandatory Candidate meetings with at least 24-hour advanced notice in writing to the Assistant to the Advisor. Reasonable justification for sending a Campaign Representative in place of the Candidate must be made and approved by Shelia Sullivan, advisor to GSS.

Campaign Representative
Phone Number

Summary of Requirements for Running for the Office of:

Vice President, Administrative Affairs

Senator, School of Management (2)

Senator, School of Education (2)

Senator, School of Nursing and Health Professions (2)

Senator, College of Arts and Sciences (2)

Senator, Regional Campus (1)


All Executive Branch candidates must have full-time enrollment status, maintain a minimum overall grade point average of 3.0, and be in good academic and disciplinary standing with the University of San Francisco during their term of office.

I have read, understood, and agree to abide by the attached Election Regulations as given to me at the time of filing for candidacy. I further understand that I am held responsible for any given dates and additional instructions from Student Leadership and Engagement. I am aware of the consequences of failing to abide by the enclosed regulations. I further authorize Student Leadership and Engagement to verify any information I have submitted on this form.

Signature of Candidate: (please type name)