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Dr. Clarence B. Jones
Dr. Clarence B. Jones remembers the March on Washington.
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Center for Violence Prevention and Conflict Resolution

In 2012, Dr. Clarence B. Jones joined the University of San Francisco as its inaugural Diversity Scholar Visiting Professor. Working with Dr. Jones, the University of San Francisco has decided to create a Center for Violence Prevention and Conflict Resolution that will institutionalize Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s ideals expressed almost 50 years ago in his speech “I Have A Dream.”

This innovative Center will conduct research, educate leaders and scholars, and support community agencies dedicated to promoting peaceful resolution of conflicts and preventing all types of violence.

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Fast Facts

Mission: to develop a new University of San Francisco center uniquely focused on preparing future leaders for work in violence prevention in order to create a more humane and just world for all, while serving as an academic platform for the Alive and Free violence prevention movement.

Proposed Launch Date: As soon as funding is secured.

Executive Team: Clarence B. Jones, Joseph Marshall, Jennifer Turpin, Mary Wardell-Ghirarduzzi

Programs: A new masters degree program and other graduate level coursework; a strong emphasis on practical application, primarily through an alliance with community based organizations like the Omega Boys Club and The Alive and Free Movement; and major symposiums on nonviolent conflict resolution. The Center will collaborate with The Alive and Free Movement, a proven international methodology to keep youth safe from violence and free from incarceration.

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