USF Private Loan Comparison

Private Student Loans

If you’ve exhausted all federal aid, scholarship and grant options, you could consider applying for a private student loan to cover the remaining cost of attendance.

Each lender will request different credit check, cosigner, and academic enrollment requirements. To make it easier to navigate available options, we’ve partnered with ELMSelect to create a comparison list of lenders that offer competitive products and have received positive reviews from USF students. If you are considering a lender that does not appear on our list, you should collect the same comparative information in order to make an informed decision. View our private loan lender options at ELMSelect.  

**Please note that ELMSelect is NOT a preferred lender list or lender arrangement. USF does not have any preferred lenders or preferred lender arrangement with any lender. USF does not recommend, promote or endorse any lenders. 

Filing Your FAFSA

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is not required for private loan applicants. However, submitting the FAFSA is recommended in order to have federal grant and loan eligibility determined before applying for a private loan.

Self-Certification Requirements

Private loan applicants are required to submit a Private Education Loan Applicant Self-Certification form to their lenders. The Self-Certification form requests basic information about the student, the cost of attendance, estimated financial assistance and the period of enrollment covered by the loan.

It is highly recommended that borrowers use the Self-Certification form provided by their lender, as it may have an important loan applicant ID number printed on it. However, we offer a Self-Certification form as well as instructions on obtaining all required information from USFConnect.

Note: Federal Stafford student loans will enter repayment in six months from the last day of a student’s half-time (or more) enrollment status at USF. In order to defer repayment, student must file an In-School Deferment with the host school (if host school participates in aid programs) or Forbearance if host school does not have an OPE-ID. For more information, visit the Federal Student Aid Deferment and Forbearance page.

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