Tatiana  Fedyk

Tatiana Fedyk

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor Tatiana Fedyk is an experienced financial analyst and consultant who, before teaching at USF, held teaching positions at the University of California at Berkeley and Arizona State University. She teaches accountancy, financial information analysis and cost management. Her research interests include R&D overinvestment, real earnings management, financial management tools, accounting value relevance and underlying volatility.

In her teaching, Dr. Fedyk combines her entrepreneurial consulting experience with her technical and business education to give her students the most well-rounded learning experience possible. She believes in high academic standards and is extremely dedicated to her students’ professional futures. She has received numerous teaching awards, including an award for effectiveness in teaching from the University of California at Berkeley.

Born and raised in Ukraine, Dr. Fedyk holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics and Mathematics from the Moscow State University. She founded her own auditing and financial consulting agency in Moscow in 1996, and worked closely with some of the largest Russian oil companies in reconciling their tax obligations.  Tatiana got her Ph.D. in accounting from UC Berkeley in 2008, and has been teaching financial accounting, financial statement analysis and cost management ever since. 


B.S., Mechanics and Mathematics, Moscow State University, 1988
M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Moscow State University, 1990
C.P.A., Certified Public Accountant, Moscow, Russia, 1996
Ph.D., Accounting, University of California at Berkeley, 2008

Courses Offered
  • The following courses represent the last 3 years of teaching and do not represent the current course offerings.

The following list is a selection of recent publications and does not represent the entire body of research.

“Long Term Effects of Overinvestment in R&D by IPO Firms,” American Accounting Association, Annual Meeting, Washington D.C., 2012

“Does the Accrual Anomaly End When Abnormal Accruals Reverse?,” American Accounting Association, F.A.R.S. First Year Meeting, Tampa, Florida, 2011

“Reversal of Abnormal Accruals: Determinants and Consequences. Managerial Perspective?,” European Accounting Association, Annual Meeting, Istanbul, Turkey, 2010

“Do Managers Use Meeting Analyst Forecasts to Signal Private Information? Evidence from Patent Citations,” American Accounting Association, Annual Meeting, New York City, New York, 2009

“Discontinuity in Earnings Reports and Managerial Incentives,” American Accounting Association, Annual Meeting, Chicago, Illinois, 2007

Honors and Awards

Teaching Effectiveness Award, University of California at Berkeley, 2006

Outstanding GSI Award, Haas School of Business, University of California at Berkeley, 2005 

Tatiana Fedyk, University of San Francisco School of Management