Jie Jack  Li

Jie Jack Li

Associate Professor

Dr. Li taught organic chemistry for three years as an assistant professor of in China, an experience sowed the seeds his passion for teaching. After earning his Ph.D. in organic chemistry in 1995 at Indiana University, he carried out his postdoctoral training at MIT. He then worked as a medicinal chemist for fifteen years at Pfizer and Bristol-Myers Squibb, respectively. Although primarily an industrial chemist, Dr. Li carried out many scholarly activities during this period. In addition to being an inventor of nine patents, he published 24 research articles, 36 reviews, and 17 books with topics ranging from organic chemistry, to medicinal chemistry and history of drug discovery.

At USF, he teaches Organic Chemistry and History of Drug Discovery. His current research interests are in two areas: (a) Organic Chemistry: Development of synthetic methodology on the C-H activation of heterocycles, which are of paramount importance to drug discovery; and (b) Medicinal Chemistry: The current focuses are to discover novel anti-diabetic drugs by inhibiting the PH domain leucine-rich repeat protein phosphatase (PHLPP) in collaboration with Prof. Alexandra C. Newton at UCSD and to discover new anti-cancer drugs by targeting both novel and proven mechanisms of action such as the hedgehog signaling pathway.


Postdoctoral Fellow, MIT

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