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Brandi  Lawless

Brandi Lawless

Assistant Professor

Brandi Lawless is an Assistant Professor in the Communication Studies Department. Broadly, her area of research can be defined as critical intercultural communication. Within this realm of communication, Dr. Lawless is interested in the ways individuals (re)produce and communicate their ever-changing identities. Specifically, her research has focused on the intersections of race and class. Her most recent work has explored the communication practices of a national nonprofit organization attempting to end poverty in the U.S. Within this work, Dr. Lawless attempts to identify dominant ideologies, hegemonic systems that perpetuate such taken for granted beliefs, and status-based hierarchies. Dr. Lawless is also interested in everyday performances of identity. In other words, her work explores the ways in which individuals perform their class(es) and race(s) in contexts such as the classroom, the workplace, and in close relationships.


B.A. California State University, Northridge

Courses Offered
  • Fall 2013: COMS 204 – Communication & Culture
  • Fall 2013: COMS 254 – Qualitative Methods
Lawless, B. (2012). More than white: Locating an invisible class identity. In Gonzalez, A., M. Houston, & V. Chen (Eds.), Our voices: Essays in culture, ethnicity, and communication. (5th ed.). (pp. 247-253). New York, NY: Oxford University Press
Lawless, B. (2009). Guiding class consciousness in first-generation college students: A pragmatic approach to classism in the academy. In Housel, T. H. & V. L. Harvey (Eds.), The invisibility factor: Administrators and faculty reach out to first-generation college students. (pp. 23-34). Boca Raton, FL: Brown Walker Press.