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David Wallgren

Adjunct Professor

Mr. Wallgren, who played golf professionally and has been coaching various sports at the High School and college level for 20+ years, has just become a certified sports counselor (American Institute for Learning and Cognitive Development, in cognitive learning and development as well as nuero-feedback and concussions. In other words he assists people with critical thinking "on and off the field".

Mr. Wallgren came back to education and was the strategic placement advisor to the Dean of the Business School at San Diego State in a new MBA Sports Management program. He was able to successfully place all the graduate students in the program with great internships and jobs after graduation because of his many contacts in the Sports World. In 2006 he became one of two managing partners in a company called Kingdom Builders that has been working on building Sports Centers of Excellence throughout the world. He also taught at Concordia University in Irvine, California.

While at Concordia, through Kingdom Builders, he was contacted by the Shanghai Sports Bureau to create a Management Certificate program for all the Chinese sports executives who would be operating Olympic facilities during the 2008 Summer Olympics. Because of his sports management background he was quite successful with this program, and it was the first of its kind with the Chinese government. The Shanghai Sports Bureau is now working on a golf management fulfillment program with Mr. Wallgren in order that they will have enough managers for over 200 golf courses being built in China.


M.A. Northern western University in Education in Health/Behaviorism