Rhetoric and Language
Doreen  Ewert

Doreen Ewert

Associate Professor, Director

Doreen Ewert has an M.A. in English Literature from the University of Notre Dame and a Ph.D. in TESOL and Applied Linguistics from Indiana University. She has taught second language learners and language teachers in Poland, Japan, Lithuania and the US, and directed English language programs for pre-academic and matriculated ESL learners for several decades. She has also taught undergraduate and graduate students in the areas of second language learning and teaching, linguistics, English grammar, and composition. She presents regularly at professional conferences and leads workshops on topics related to her research on curriculum implementation, teacher development, second language writing, reading fluency, and content-based instructional practices.

Administrative Appointments

Director, AEM

Courses Offered
  • ESL 102: Fluency Development
  • ESL 103: Pronunciation I
  • ESL 105: Vocabulary and Idioms I
  • RHET 320: How English Works

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