Public Health — Full-time
Courtney  Keeler

Courtney Keeler, MS, PhD

Assistant Professor


Ph.D. in Health Policy and Management, Gillings School of Global Public Health University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2012 (Focus in health economics)
Visiting graduate scholar, School of Public Health, University of California at Berkeley, 2010-2011
M.S. in Economics, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2008
B.A. in Economics, University of California at San Diego, 2006 (Summa Cum Laude, Highest Distinction, Provost’s Honors, Phi Beta Kappa)

Administrative Appointments

Fieldwork Coordination (Summer 2013)
Faculty advisor, MPH Student association (Jan 2013 through present)
Curriculum Committee (Aug. 2012 through present)
CEPH Self-Study Committee (Aug. 2012 through present)
Admissions Committee (Aug. 2012 through present)
Program Evaluation Committee (Aug. 2012 through present)
Academic Standards Committee (Aug. 2012 through present)
Program Evaluation Committee (PEC) (Aug. 2012 though present)
University Life Committee of the Board of Trustees (Aug. 2012 though present)
Flu Near You liaison (Sept. 2012 though Dec. 2013)

Research Areas

Health Economics
Health Inequality
Mental Health
Substance Use/Abuse
Health Behaviors in adolescent and young adult populations

Courses Offered
  • N701: Applied Data Analysis
  • MPH 612: Biostatistics
  • MPH 621: Epidemiology
  • MPH 646: Advanced Epidemiology*
  • MPH 657: Health Economics and Public Health

Publications and other work


  • Keeler, C. (Dec. 2013). Liberation Health and the Role of the Public Health Leader. Open Journal of Leadership. 2(4).  In press. 
  • Morrissey, J. P., Domino, M., Wicher, C., Kilany, M., & Gaynes, B. Integrating Primary Care and Mental Health Services: Final Evaluation Report on the ICARE Integration Pilot Sites. (Available at:
  • Cascio, E., Gordon, N., Lewis, E., & Reber, S. (2008). From Brown to busing. Journal of Urban Economics, 64(2), 296-325. (Research assistant acknowledged in paper.)


Working papers


  • Title: What do you do when empirical results do not match practical knowledge? -Currently under review
  • Title: Finding the link: substance use and sexual risk-taking among adolescents and young adults-Currently under review
  • Working title: Student Perceptions of Preclinical Activities at the Pre-Licensure Level Co-author: Laureen Turner -Pending journal submission
  • Working title: Adolescent peer victimization and PTSD risk: A literature review Collaborating with Susan DaSilva -Pending journal submission
  • Working title: Substance use, depression, and employment among young people-Pending journal submission
  • Working title: An epidemiological approach to violent crime -Collaborating with Daniel Keeler -Pending journal submission


Awards and Distinctions

Grants and Awards

I was awarded a three-year sub-award from the University of California, San Francisco. I will be working on a TRDRP grant entitled the "Economic Impact of Tobacco Taxes in the African American Community." The award totals $56,275. My primary work will involve estimating the price elasticity of three quitting behaviors (smoking cessation, quit attempts, and intention to quit) among African American smokers using California survey data. I also hope to assess whether the price elasticity differs by menthol cigarette smoking status and by income level. The grant application is included in the supplemental folder as well as some preliminary analyses.


I applied for William R. Waters Research Grant in Social Economics in November 2013. The proposed research surrounds the impact of social networks on rape recovery. The grant application is included in the supplemental folder. 


Phi Beta Kappa new initiates fellow, UCSD chapter, 2006

Kate Chopin Essay Award Winner, 2000-2001 academic year


Completed the leadership development program at the University of San Francisco (February 2013)
Completed MAPP certification (August 2012)
Strong background in several statistical software packages, including Stata and SAS
Member Phi Beta Kappa