Clinical Nurse Leader — Full-time
Elena  Capella

Elena Capella, Ed.D.

Assistant Professor; Director, Online MSN Program

Dr. Elena Capella is a healthcare professional who practices in the realms of healthcare quality, compliance, and education. At the Santa Cruz Monterey Merced Managed Medical Care Commission, she directs organizational projects including development of policy and conduct standards, ongoing audits for adherence to state and federal regulations, and state approval of service expansion plans. Dr. Capella has been a hospital director of quality assurance and risk management, as well as a corporate consultant on compliance, regulatory, and administrative issues that focus on improving access and quality of clinical services.

In 2011, Dr. Capella received the USF School of Management Award for Outstanding Graduate Teaching.


Ed.D., University of San Francisco

Courses Offered
  • N784 Management of Internal Environment
  • N720 Quality and Safety Improvement with Information Technology
  • N604 Instructional Design and Healthcare Informatics
  • N765 Project and Practice Management
  • MPH622 Communicating for Healthy Behavior
  • MPA660 Health Care Law
  • MPA636 HR Planning and Management

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Certified Clinical Nurse Leader, MedTeams Instructor, Legal Nurse Consultant, and Professional in Healthcare Quality. Areas of interest include patient safety, quality improvement, and the diffusion of clinical innovation.