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Liz Berecz


Liz Berecz serves as Chief Financial Officer for Nemus Bioscience, Inc., a recently public biotech company based in Orange County. With more than 20 years of experience in senior executive roles, Liz oversees the company's finances, including accounting, planning/forecasting, treasury, human resources, and information technologies.

Prior to joining Nemus Bioscience in September 2014, she served as Board member and CFO for Bentley Mills, Inc., a Los Angeles textile manufacturer. From June 2011 to December 2012, she was CFO for Power Balance Technologies, a sporting goods accessories company. Before Power Balance, Liz served as executive vice president and chief financial officer for StarTrac, Inc., a global manufacturer of commercial fitness equipment. She began her career at Price Waterhouse in San Jose, California, and has held several financial management positions at high technology companies in Silicon Valley.

Liz received a Master of Arts in Sports Management from the University of San Francisco in May 2007, C7S. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Stanford University in June 1985. Liz currently resides in Orange County and in her personal time, pursues interests in golf, women's sports, and travel.


M.A., University of San Francisco