Modern and Classical Languages
Ariel  Shannon

Ariel Shannon

Adjunct Professor

Adjunct Professor, grew up bilingual, in French and English. After pursuing a double B.A. in Italian Studies and Psychology, and an M.A. in Italian Studies at U.C. Berkeley, she is currently completing her Ph.D. at Berkeley as well.

Ariel's focus is on Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Italian literature, with special interests in postcolonial migrant literature in France and Italy, Unification and italianità, Italian colonialism and the myth of "italiani brava gente", and the giallo. Her dissertation is on identity in postcolonial Algerian novels in Algeria, France and Italy.

Ariel Shannon currently teaches at U.C. Berkeley as well as USF.

Forthcoming publications include "France-Algérie/Algérie-Italie?... Rupture et substitution, ou ménage à trois?"