Rhetoric and Language
Lily Iona  MacKenzie

Lily Iona MacKenzie

Adjunct Professor

A Canadian by birth, Lily Iona MacKenzie has a M.A. in Creative Writing as well as a M.A. in the Humanities from San Francisco State University. She has taught expository and creative writing, the humanities, and English, at the University of San Francisco and other Bay Area colleges for over 20 years. Teaching students to write clearly, coherently, and critically is her passion.
In addition to teaching, she is vice president of the USFFA-PT Faculty Association. She also was co-creator of a radio show for children on the former KTIM in Marin County for two years. In addition, she has been a Marin Poetry Center board member and has served on other Marin non-profit boards.
Her poetry, critical and personal essays/articles, travel pieces, and short fiction have appeared in numerous U.S. and Canadian publications. Her poetry collection All This was published in October 2011 and is available in the USF Bookstore as well as the Gleeson Library. Keeping a journal, writing daily, gardening, dabbling in painting, riding her bike, and working out at the gym help to fill up her spare time.