Michael F. Dougan

Michael F. Dougan

Adjunct Professor

A U.S.C. graduate, Michael Feit Dougan's screenwriting credits began with, Public Access, which earned the Grand Jury Prize for "Best Picture" at Sundance. Since then Michael has worked as a story Structuralist, presenting story design at Dreamworks Animation and serving past and present clients including Bryan Singer (Director - X-Men, Valkyrie), Wes Craven (Writer-Director - Wes Craven's New Nightmare), Jeff Allard (Producer - Texas Chainsaw Massacre), Christopher McQuarrie (Writer - Usual Suspects), Yun Suh, (Director-Producer - City of Borders) and Iain McCaig (Concept Designer - Harry Potter IV), Debbie Brubaker (Producer - The Darwin Awards), and Domenica Cameron-Scorsese (Writer-Director - Roots in Water).

As an academic, Michael earned both the 2003 Presidential and ASB Teacher of the Year Award at Cogswell College and was featured in the San Jose Mercury News. As part of his Masters Class in Screenwriting and annual appearances at the Kentucky Ideafestival, Michael has worked alongside Charles Pogue (The Fly re-make, Dragonheart and Psycho III) and as a founding member of The Kentucky Film Lab, ran the Advanced Screenwriter's Lab at the Idea Festival with Jack Epps Jr. (Top Gun, Dick Tracy, Anaconda).

Michael co-wrote Developing Digital Short Films with Sherri Sheridan in 2004, contributed to Now Write! Screenwriting to be published in January 2011.