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Gregory LaBlanc

Adjunct Professor

In addition to teaching at USF, Gregory LaBlanc has been a lecturer at UC Berkeley since 2005, teaching courses in Finance, Accounting, Law, and Strategy in the Haas School, the Law School (Boalt Hall), and the Department of Economics. Prior to joining the Haas faculty, he studied Economics, Business, and Law at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, George Mason Law School, Duke University Law School, and Berkeley Law (Boalt Hall). He has previously taught Finance, Management, Law, and Economics at the Wharton School, Duke University, and the University of Virginia and has been a consultant in the areas of IP litigation and competitive intelligence.


University of California, Berkeley, L.L.M.ex.

Research Areas

Tax policy and the economic analysis of law

Courses Offered
  • Behavioral Finance and Risk Management
  • Financial Markets