Physics and Astronomy
Thomas  Böttger

Thomas Böttger

Associate Professor


Ph.D. in Physics, Montana State University - Bozeman, 2002

Research Areas

Tom Böttger studies optical, dynamical, and magnetic properties of solids, specifically optical materials doped with rare earth ions. This work is centered on understanding the fundamental material physics at the microscopic scale but also geared towards the development of optical materials for optical signal processing, optical memories, quantum computing, and laser frequency stabilization. Tom has been specifically interested in Erbium doped materials as they enable optical devices operating at the fiber telecommunication wavelength. This work is carried out using a variety of linear and nonlinear optical methods, such as stimulated photon echoes, spectral holeburning, time-resolved spectroscopy and more conventional methods such as optical absorption spectroscopy. Tom is also interested in laser development and has worked on the technique of frequency stabilizing external cavity diode lasers to the narrow frequency references found in rare-earth-doped materials. By locking the laser frequency to an ultra-narrow spectral hole, experiments have reached the limits of precision in the optical spectroscopy of solids.

Courses Offered
  • Introductory Physics I (PHYS 100)
  • Introductory Physics II (PHYS 101)
  • General Physics I (PHYS 110)
  • General Physics II (PHYS 210)
  • Freshman Seminar (PHYS 195)
  • Physics by Inquiry (PHYS 201)
  • Electronics (PHYS 261)
  • Digital Electronics (PHYS 262)
  • Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics (PHYS 312)
  • Electromagnetism (PHYS 320)
  • Optics (PHYS 340)
  • Upper Division Laboratory (PHYS 341)
  • Physics Colloquium (PHYS 350)
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