Rhetoric and Language
Michael  Rozendal

Michael Rozendal

Associate Professor

Michael Rozendal's interest in communities of writers has fuelled his recent first year seminars "Writing San Francisco: Bohemia, Counterculture, Subcultures" and "Telling San Francisco's Stories". Professor Rozendal is the Academic Director of the Dual Degree in Teacher Preparation Program, a 4 +1 program bridging the undergraduate College of Arts and Science with the graduate School of Education. His research focuses on the 1930s and the intersections of print culture, politics and aesthetics. He has had publications in The Journal of Modern Periodical Studies; Modernist Magazines: A Critical and Cultural History Volume Two: North America, 1880-1960; The William Carlos Williams Review; Revues Modernistes, Revues Engagées 1900-1939; and Landscapes of Postmodernity: Concepts and Paradigms of Critical Theory.

Administrative Appointments

Academic Director, Dual Degree in Teacher Preparation Program